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A Timely Jump to Cloud Computing Makes These Two of the Best Stocks to Buy Today

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Companies that take advantage of hot, new technologies consistently go up in value. And one of the hottest technologies currently shaping the way we do business, socialize, and use big data is cloud computing. In this article, we highlight two companies making major investments in the cloud computing sector and explain why they are among some of the best stocks to buy today.

Companies that have invested in the cloud computing in the past have seen their stock prices soar as a result. An obvious example of this is Google, which has seen its stock price continue to rise following heavy cloud computing investments. Google's revenue from the cloud segment of its business has grown to nearly a billion dollars per year.

The Oracle Corporation, which has massively increased its presence in cloud computing through a series of strategic investments, has also seen its business grow considerably as a result – Oracle's stock price has nearly doubled over the past five years.

Similar successful moves into cloud computing come from giants such as Amazon and Microsoft; their corresponding, positive-moving stock prices serve to drive the point home that shifting to cloud is a strong sign that a company is making the right move.

These two companies have recently jumped into cloud computing in a big way, promising investors the likelihood of excellent future growth…

Best Stocks to Buy Today: Cisco and InterCloud

Cisco Systems, with its nearly 30 years in business and over $100 billion in verifiable assets, is a company with a strong track record and a pedigree of surviving and thriving in the rapidly changing networking equipment industry.

The company recently announced it intends to invest $1 billion in a vigorous attempt to step up its effort to succeed in cloud computing. This investment in the "thing of the future" – cloud computing – is being carried out with partners spanning the globe, including European, Australian and Canadian partners.

Cisco's move is a strong signal of its intent to become a pivotal player in this ever-expanding sector with worldwide potential, and sends a clear message to investors about the company's future. Cisco is bold when it needs to be and has a solid track record of making investment decisions at key times, all of which makes Cisco one of the best stocks to buy today.

Another of our hottest stock picks is following a similar strategy by expanding its reach in the cloud computing sector; however, it is doing so in a slightly different way.

InterCloud Systems has committed to extend its cloud computer portfolio through the purchase of VaultLogix for an undisclosed sum.

VaultLogix operates an eight-figure annual recurring revenue business by providing key business computing services to over 10,000 businesses based around the world.

The fundamentals are extremely solid for both InterCloud and Cisco and, as such, their forward-thinking investments into cloud computing strongly point toward their stock prices rising into the future.

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  1. Wharton83 | March 30, 2014

    What, no mention of the major class action lawsuit again InterCloud for engaging in sleezy promotional agreements (who presented misleading statements) without disclosing to investors?

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