Gold Mining Stocks List: Cash In On The Rising Price of Gold Today

Gold Mining Stocks List

The gold mining stocks list provided in this article is intended to help investors research gold stocks so they can cash in on the rising price of gold.

You see, in mid-April 2014, gold prices crossed $1,300 an ounce. Physical gold deliveries reached record levels in January at 246 tons for the Shanghai Gold Exchange, even topping worldwide mine production in the same month. Meanwhile, dividend payouts from some the largest gold miners have increased significantly in the last three years, despite the weakened gold price.

"Gold stocks are attractive now for several reasons," Money Morning's Resource Specialist Peter Krauth said. "On a historical basis and relative to the gold price, gold stocks are still oversold, representing a strong bargain. What's more, the World Gold Council has reported record jewelry, bar, and coin demand for 2013, with consumer demand up 21%."

Krauth believes gold mining stocks that have managed to control and lower costs, focus on the most viable projects, and rein in capital expenditures stand to benefit the most from this bullish gold market.

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The following gold mining stocks list reviews the financial information of 15 different gold mining stocks.

Gold Mining Stocks List

* All stock data was gathered on April 24.

Newmont Mining Corp.

  • Symbol: NEM
  • Price: $24.83
  • Dividend & Yield: 0.03 (0.40%)

NEM is a gold producer with its operations and assets diversified across the United States, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana, New Zealand, and Mexico. As of the end of 2012, Newmont had attributable and probable gold reserves of 99.2 million ounces, and an aggregate land position of around 29,000 square miles.

Abot Mining Co.

  • Symbol: ABOT
  • Price: $0.0008

Abot Mining Co. markets, produces, develops, acquires, and discovers precious and semi-precious metals.

ABZU Gold Ltd.

  • Symbol: ABS
  • Price: $0.0150

ABZU Gold Ltd is a company that focuses on the exploration and development of gold. It primarily operates in Ghana.

Goldcorp Inc.

  • Symbol: GG
  • Price: $24.71
  • Dividend & Yield: 0.60 (2.50%)

Goldcorp Inc. engages in the operation, development, exploration, and acquisition of precious metal producing properties in South America, Central America and the United States.

Primero Mining Corp.

  • Symbol: PPP
  • Price: $6.49

PPP is a silver and gold producer that is based in the Americas.

Banro Corp.

  • Symbol: BAA
  • Price: $0.480

Banro Corp. is a Canadian company that focuses on gold exploration. It owns 100% interest in four gold properties found along the a 210-kilometer long gold belt in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.

  • Symbol: BGM
  • Price: $0.440

BGM produces and explores mineral properties, with a current concentration in the Cariboo Mining District of British Columbia.

Chaparral Gold Corp.

  • Symbol: CHL
  • Price: $0.640

Chaparral Gold Corp. is primarily focused on gold and silver mining, development and exploration in the Nevada, United States area.

Chesapeake Gold Corp.

  • Symbol: CKG
  • Price: $2.50

CKG operates in North and Central America. It is a mineral exploration company focusing on the discovery and development of gold and silver deposits.

Monarchy Resources Inc.

  • Symbol: MONK
  • Price: $0.0300

Monarchy Resources Inc. centers on the pre-exploration stage of gold mining properties, with a focus in the Republic of the Philippines and La Carlota.

Thunder Mountain Gold Inc.

  • Symbol: THMG
  • Price: $0.0760

Thunder Mountain Gold Inc. explores precious metal-producing properties. It operates in Idaho and Nevada.

Timberline Resources Corp.

  • Symbol: TBR
  • Price: $0.155

An exploration stage company, TBR's projects are located in Eureka, Nevada.  

Xmet Inc.

  • Symbol: XMTTF
  • Price: $0.102

Xmet Inc. owns a mining-related options agreement, and is currently working with gold exploring companies in Quebec, Canada.

Zoro Mining Corp.

  • Symbol: ZORM
  • Price: $0.0110

ZORM is involved with the exploration of properties that produce natural resources (including gold). It does much of its exploration in South America - particularly in Chile.

Klondike Gold Corp.

  • Symbol: KG
  • Price: $0.0150

Klondike Gold Corp. is a gold exploration company. It holds approximately 45% beneficial interest in a group of quartz claims and crown grants located in the Yukon Territory.

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