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Dark Pools Pervade Wall Street

Dark pools – private markets unavailable to the public – and high-frequency trading (HFT) are manipulative schemes run amok.

Late yesterday, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman charged Barclay's Plc. with fraud over how it markets its dark pool, in addition to accusing Barclay's of operating its dark pool to favor high-frequency traders.

But that's not all Barclays did. Keep reading...

Why Trailing Stops Are One of the Most Important Investment Tools Ever

Today I want to offer a deeper explanation of one of the very best investment tools: trailing stops.
Every single one of Money Morning's experts advocates using them, and for good reason. A "trailing stop" serves a dual role: It allows investors to capture profits and protect capital from catastrophic loss.

Here’s exactly how this investment tool works – and the best strategy for putting them to work in your portfolio today.

Get Ready to Profit from Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock's Encore

With its Windows operating system installed on virtually all of the world's PCs, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) was the personal computer revolution in the 1990s. And MSFT stock went on a 9,000% ride.

But now, with its growth phase over, mainstream investors have forgotten all about this once-mighty tech giant.

Here's why they're making a big mistake - and why MSFT is one of the best stocks to buy now...

Gasoline Prices Are Headed to $4 Per Gallon… and Here's Why

Futures prices for both crude and gasoline were down yesterday. Unfortunately, that barely tells the real story.

Thanks to the growing Sunni insurrection and the rapid unraveling of the Shiite government in Baghdad, you can bet that prices for both crude and gasoline will be making the headlines over the next two months.

As the next-month rates (August 2014) fell in yesterday's trade, oil prices as far out as December 2018 began to spike.

Stock Market Today Rises - Despite 2.9% GDP Slip - on These Top Stories

The stock market today (Wednesday) rose despite news that the U.S. economy slumped more than expected in the first quarter. Revised GDP figures for Q1 revealed the worst non-recession performance in four decades, with a 2.9% slip. The decline is also the sharpest downturn in five years, and is a significant revision from the 1% decline tallied in April.

And here are the top stories that affected the stock market today:

Today's Top Penny Stocks: APP, CCCR, NSPH, STEM, SYMX Are Soaring

Penny stocks represent an inherently riskier investment option for investors. But with these risks in mind, be aware that not all penny stocks are created equally – some can be solid investments with wonderful upside potential.

Today's (Wednesday) big movers come from a variety of sectors, including biotech, retail, financial services, and energy, and they are making gains for different reasons. These top penny stocks do have one thing in common – today their investors cashed in big.

Here are today's top penny stocks, and why they're on the rise...

Boost from iPhone 6 Will Push Apple Stock to Record High

The iPhone 6, the next major upgrade to Apple's flagship product, isn't due out until September. But we've gleaned enough leaked information to project that it will bring in enough revenue and profit to get Apple stock back to its all-time high – $100.72 – and beyond.

Two larger screen sizes and a full slate of new features will have customers lining up for the iPhone 6 from New York to Beijing.

The only question is how high AAPL stock will ultimately go...

GoPro IPO Price Info - and How the Stock Can Find Long-Term Success

The GoPro IPO officially takes place tomorrow (Thursday), and the action-camera company is expected to set a final price for its shares sometime this evening.

The company plans to raise up to $427.2 million by offering 17.8 million shares at a range of $21 to $24 per share.

GoPro’s financials show a strong revenue stream and good profit margins, but those are only some of the factors that will drive GPRO’s success in the long-term…