DJIA Rallies Back with 123-Point Gain After Thursday's Dive; Here Are the Top Stories

Stock market close, Friday, July 18: The DJIA bounced back on Friday, up more than 100 points following Thursday's worst performance since early April. Geopolitical tensions remain high following the attack on a Malaysian jet airliner over Ukrainian skies yesterday morning, and Israel's tactical launch inside Gaza.

Here's the scorecard from today's trading session:

DOW: 17,098.51 (+0.72%)    
NASDAQ: 4,432.15 (+1.57%)          
S&P 500: 1,978.18 (+1.02%) 

And here are the top stories from the stock market today: 

Now our experts share some of the most important investment moves to make based on today's market trading - for Money Morning Members only:

  • Don't Hesitate on This Industry Boom That's Already Here: If you follow the headlines, you'd think the last place to invest your hard-earned money is in healthcare. But here's the thing. As technology investors, our job is to look beyond the politics of the moment and take a look at what others may be missing. Turns out, if you picked the right healthcare investment over the last two years, you would have beaten the S&P 500's returns by more than 50%. Here's why...
  • Act on This Massive Profit "Spark" Ahead of the Big Boys: It's easy to see why investors pile into a company's stock on the heels of highly successful products, technologies, or services. For small caps, finding the right leader can prove a more critical "spark" to major profits. This is why you should follow Money Morning Small-Cap Investing Specialist Sig Riggs' advice and use these three steps to make big gains...
  • The U.S. Export Ban Is a Windfall for These Companies: After more than four decades, it looks like America is getting back into the oil export business again. For the first time since the 1970s, Washington has opened the door to sending more U.S. crude abroad. And these companies are poised to profit BIG from the announcement...

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