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Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) Stock Price Shows Remarkable Stability in First Weeks

The Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) stock price has remained very stable since it made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Sept. 19, a good sign for those investing in BABA stock.

After its first day of trading – when it jumped out of the gates to a high of $99.70 – it has traded between a range of $92.95 and $86.04. This price stability is not common among stocks after following high-profile IPOs.

And it’s just one of the reasons we continue to be bullish on the BABA stock price long term…

Will a Rising U.S. Dollar Keep Climbing?

The rising U.S. dollar has climbed to a four-year high – but will it continue?

Appearing on the CNBC program "Street Signs" this morning (Wednesday), Fitz-Gerald explained that wobbly economies in places like Japan and Europe will force central banks elsewhere to further weaken their currencies with U.S. Federal Reserve-style easing programs

In this video, Fitz-Gerald takes a detailed look at the rising U.S. dollar and what it means…

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Why the PayPal Spin-Off Is Great News for Bitcoin

The mainstream financial media is all over the big news this week regarding the eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) plan for a PayPal spin-off into a separate publicly traded company next year.

But there's an angle to the story that almost no one has taken the time to mention – the PayPal spin-off is great news for Bitcoin.

Several of PayPal's recent moves are a sign the digital payments world is getting hotter by the minute.

Here's how the PayPal spin-off will help Bitcoin...

How to Invest in the Best Minds in Silicon Valley in Just One Move

A quiet revolution is sweeping the top ranks of tech's biggest companies. In the past three years, 10 top global tech companies have announced new CEOs.

Today I'm going to show you how to invest in the 11 members (Oracle takes up two slots) of this New Guard for a price well below what many of these stocks cost.

This investment has already thrashed the overall market by 46.5% so far this year...

Dow Jones Today Driven By EBAY and Ebola Scare

Dow Jones today, October 1, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 28 points Tuesday as both domestic and global data stamped out gains fueled by increased spin-off and merger activity.

According to reports, U.S. consumer confidence slipped in September for the first time in five months, while annual home prices growth crawled in July to its slowest pace in two years, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index. On the manufacturing front, the Chicago PMI showed a positive reading in September; however, growth has been fueled by rising inventories, which are climbing at their fastest pace in 41 years.

Here's what else you should know to make your Wednesday profitable:

Taking Profits in a $1.5 Quadrillion Bubble

Many experts claim we're not in a bubble economy because they can't see the "bubble."

Why is beyond me.

The bubble is so enormous that any serious bailout attempt would have to encompass the entire shootin' match, or roughly $600 trillion to $1.5 quadrillion ($1,500,000,000,000,000) in order for it to work.

That's the total estimated amount of outstanding derivatives, credit default swaps, and exotics outstanding according to various industry sources.

I say estimated because nobody actually knows for sure, as the derivatives markets remain almost entirely unregulated.

And, that's why the well-intentioned but completely misguided onesey-twosey's bailouts and Band-Aids we've seen so far won't cut it despite the fact that they're already into the trillions of dollars.

I say this because, despite what most politicians and central bankers think, we are not staring at a series of independent bubbles blown into the wind, but a single, massive all-encompassing monster bubble that surrounds us all.

But don't abandon the ship yet. We can get through and take our profits at the appropriate time; all it takes is a little moxie and a steady game plan like this one…