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Stock Market Today Set for More Record Highs

Stock market today, February 23, 2015: Good morning! U.S. stock futures were soft Monday morning. However, major European markets jumped in early trading, and Germany's DAX hit a new record high. They are still gaining from Friday's news of a conditional deal that will allow Greece to remain in the Eurozone for at least the next four months. The deal sent U.S. markets up Friday – the Dow saw a 154-point rise, and S&P 500 Index notched a new record high.

Today, investors will continue to keep a close eye on the ongoing drama between Greece and its creditors in the European Union. Greece must present a list of economic reforms by the end of the day for the deal to continue.

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Greece Crisis Yields Ideal Opportunities

Now that Greece has a new government, its focus on debt negotiations continue with a different front man representing the beleaguered country.

Citizens remain skeptical at best and are rushing to get their money out of Greek banks while Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras makes overtures to Russia and China for funds to alleviate the country's fiscal crisis.

Things could go south quickly as the government and banks still face a major cash crunch, despite Friday's market-rallying announcement of a four-month reprieve from Eurozone creditors.

Amidst the chaos, some exceptionally rich opportunities borne of fear are taking shape...

This Greek Tragedy Is a Global Farce

Karl Marx famously wrote that history tends to repeat itself -the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. The European economic situation can certainly be described as a Greek tragedy that has once again lapsed into farce with a decision this week to "kick the can down the road" by extending the bankrupt country's bailout for four months. 

The other farce that played out last week was the U.S. stock market taking the Greek drama seriously enough to use it as an excuse to rally to new highs.

Greece can never flourish economically within the European Union and the four month life-line it received this week won't change that. And the U.S. stock market doesn't need any excuses to keep rising as long as global central banks keep printing money like drunken Greek sailors...

Dice Holdings (NYSE: DHX) Stock Is Our Oversold Pick of the Week

Money Morning's oversold stock pick of the week is careers website provider Dice Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DHX).

Sometimes stocks get beaten down unfairly – but they're actually a great value. Dice stock got slammed with several issues at once. The biggest was disappointing earnings guidance last month. But its energy-oriented jobs websites also came under scrutiny as oil prices plunged.

But investors have misread these problems...

Dow Jones Today Hits New Record on Greek Deal News

The Dow Jones today gained 154 points to close at a new record high. The S&P 500 Index also hit a new record. What fueled the surge? Greece and Eurozone officials reached an agreement to extend the country's bailout for another four months. Today's Scorecard: Dow: 18,140.44, +154.67, +0.86%   S&P 500: 2,110.30, +12.85, +0.61% Nasdaq: […]

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Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) Stock Targets at $91 on Whopping Instagram Valuation

Analysts just reiterated their 12-month price target for Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) at $91. That's a near 12% increase from where FB stock trades today.

The target is in a large part thanks to Facebook's photo sharing arm, Instagram, which is presently worth a whopping $33 billion, according to industry experts.

Here's an in-depth look at the immense value Instagram now brings to Facebook and to FB stock...

Stock Market Today Tuned into Greece-Eurozone Drama

Good morning! Stock market futures for Friday, Feb. 20, forecasted a 26-point decrease from yesterday's close.

What to Watch Today: This morning, investors focus on Greece and the nation's ongoing pursuit of a deal to extend its debt obligations to European Union partners. Talks have already broken down twice and yesterday, Germany rejected a new plan from the Greek government, calling it a "Trojan horse."

Negotiations are expected to continue into the weekend. If the country cannot strike a deal, it may default and fall out of the Eurozone.

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