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Apple Stock Price Flat Despite Impressive Q2 Earnings (AAPL)

Apple stock slipped 1% in early morning trading Tuesday and later went flat as Wall Street yawned at another great quarter for the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant.

AAPL stock had gained 5% in the week leading up to its Q2 earnings announcement, and even was up about 1% in after-hours trading. Apple stock closed at $132.65 yesterday.

The mild reaction is oddly dismissive of a striking earnings beat for Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL).

But the Q2 Apple earnings beat was no fluke. And it speaks volumes about the direction of Apple stock...

What the Fed Meeting Today Will Ignore

The Fed meeting today (Tuesday) will adjourn tomorrow with a predictably vague statement about how the U.S. Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee is considering rate hikes on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

But what won't be discussed at the Fed meeting today or tomorrow is that it's that very FOMC that has been setting the stage for the next global financial crisis.

All while allowing the same bad practices to continue unabated and to, ultimately, pave the way for a collapse...

AAPL, BP, and TWTR Are Today's Pre-Market Movers

U.S. stock futures for Tuesday, April 28, forecasted a 51-point decline from Monday's close ahead of a critical meeting by members of the Federal Reserve and a very busy earnings day.

The DJIA Index fell 42 points yesterday, while the biotech sector dragged down the Nasdaq. The Nasdaq Biotech Index (INDEX: NBI) cratered 4.1% in the sector's largest daily decline in nearly a month.

Today's biggest pre-market movers are AAPL, BP, and TWTR. Here's everything you need to know now...

The Insurance "Game" Has Changed - and You Can Profit

It's a great day when a mega-profitable industry that sucks money out of us for services we can't live without has to change how it lines its pockets.

That day has come for insurance companies.

We've been talking at length about the new economic Disruptors that are forcing change in everything from public policy to the financial markets.

Even the most powerful insurance carriers aren't immune and you can profit from their vulnerability...