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Catalyst #1: How U.S. Debt to China Threatens the Dollar

The United States owes foreign governments more money than it ever has in history.

And with the exception of April 2015, China has been the top holder of U.S. foreign debt for seven years running.

This means China holds the power to drastically affect the American economy – and we've seen China exercise this power before…

Watch the video to see just how high the U.S. debt to China has grown to today – and what exactly that means for the U.S. dollar and your money:

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This video is our first installment in a series profiling five looming threats to the U.S. dollar. Watch them all here:

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  1. Bobby Gillis | June 2, 2015

    Greetings. These statistics are true to little degree. United states has $17 trillion debt $206 trillion in liquid assets. These are facts! China does not even have a strong bond market to be the world reserve currency, let alone their reform policies has to align with IMF policies, in with the united states has 36% voting power as well the world bank %20 voting Power, so do you really think the USA had to join the AIIB of china, while the rest of the allies, joined. LMAO!! CHINA ECONOMY WILL SINK, as the reserves they will back in gold, will drop the price in Gold, which will effect BRICS COUNTRIES. Do you all see the big picture now!!!

    • Gene O. | June 4, 2015

      According to the United States Financial Report, "The Government held about $3.1 trillion in assets (mostly $1.1 trillion in net loans receivable (primarily student loans) and $878.3 billion in net property, plant, and equipment)." It also goes on to state, "Total liabilities ($20.8 trillion) consist mostly of: (1) $12.8 trillion in federal debt securities held by the public and accrued interest and (2) $6.7 trillion in federal employee and veteran benefits payable."
      I'm curious where you got your figures..

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