One of the Biggest Stock Market Crash Indicators We've Seen in 2015

We received one of the biggest stock market crash indicators we've seen in 2015 today (Friday) when Bank of America Merrill Lynch reported that U.S. equity outflows hit a 15-week high this week.

According to the bank, more than $8.3 billion fled stock funds in the last week as global economic concerns intensified.

A stock market crash in China and continued Greek bailout concerns have sent global markets tanking this week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen more than 876 points (5%) since Tuesday's opening. The Shanghai Stock market crashComposite Index is down 12.2% since Tuesday and nearly 32% since June. Japan's Nikkei 225 Index has also fallen 5.8% since Tuesday.

According to the BofA report, funds that focus on U.S. stocks saw outflows of more than $6.6 billion this week. That brings the 2015 total to a whopping $120 billion.

But that's not the only area that was hit hard. Money is pouring out of emerging markets too. More than $6 billion fled emerging market equity funds for the week ending Aug. 19. That was the 7th consecutive week of outflows for emerging market funds.

Most investors are taking their money and heading into safe-haven investments like precious metals. Precious metal funds saw an inflow of roughly $18 million for the week.

Bonds were also a popular investment. According to the report, more than $2.5 billion headed into funds specializing in Treasuries and government bonds.

The rate that money is fleeing the markets has many worrying about a stock market correction - or even worse, a stock market crash.

Here's how you can protect yourself in the case of a stock market crash or correction...

How to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash

Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani has developed a three-step strategy for profiting during a stock market crash. Instead of panicking and fleeing the markets, he turns the dipping markets in his favor.

Gilani is one of the world's foremost experts on the credit crisis. He not only called for the implosion of the U.S. financial markets in 2008, he also predicted the historic rebound that began in March 2009.

"There are lots of ways to make money when things go down," Gilani said. "But just knowing about the three most popular strategies to play price or market declines is enough for you to cash in on the next stock that plunges on disappointing earnings - or on the next bear market in blue chips."

Here are the three easy ways you can make money during a stock market crash...

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