Donald Trump on Black Monday: "Get Smart, U.S.A."

Donald Trump took to social media on "Black Monday," Aug. 24, to weigh in on the global stock market sell-off.

That day, China's benchmark Shanghai Composite Index suffered its biggest percentage decline since February 2007, sinking 8.5%. China's woes quickly rippled their way across the Pacific, where the Dow crashed more than 1,000 points just after the opening bell. The S&P 500 fell as well, down 120 points; the Nasdaq lost 393 points.

Trump, who is currently top contender for the GOP presidential nomination, has never been shy about his position on China. He has accused the country of stealing American jobs and manipulating its currency, noted on Aug. 24.

And so amid the sell-off mayhem, the real estate mogul took to social media to remind everyone that he tried to warn them...

Donald Trump Makes His Case on Social Media

Here's what Trump posted to Instagram on Black Monday:

"I've been telling everybody for a long time, China is taking our jobs and taking our money. Be careful, they'll bring us down. You have to know what you're doing. We have nobody that has a clue."

Depression- be careful of China!

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The Donald also tweeted his sentiments about the sell-off, using the 140-character limit to hint that the market mess was caused by the current administration in the White House.

Donald Trump on Black Monday

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