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Our Alibaba Stock Forecast 2016 Shows the Rebound Will Continue

It was a volatile year to be a BABA shareholder, but our Alibaba stock forecast for 2016 shows that there will be significant revenue growth for the company.

Chairman Jack Ma's acquisitions are going to add billions of dollars of revenue to the company, but he is far from finished from growing Alibaba's bottom line.

Here are the three biggest catalysts for revenue growth that are going to bring BABA shareholders huge profits in 2016 and beyond...

How to Become a Better Trader in 2016

The bull market had a fantastic run, more than six-and-a-half years, but it died in 2015. That's nothing to fear, just the nature of cyclical markets.

Now, the bull's end could be bad news for buy-and-hold investors, but for traders, the opportunities will be just as juicy as ever.

Even more so, because we'll be trading events that have the potential to generate truly stratospheric returns in a short amount of time. So let's get started...