Gallup: Jeb Bush Is Now Even Less Popular Than John Kasich

Jeb Bush
Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush saw a major dive in favorability points over the last six months. That's according to the latest Gallup poll, just released this morning...

Jeb's current net favorability rating of -1 (44% favorable, 45% unfavorable) among Republicans is much lower than his +27 (54% favorable, 27% unfavorable) rating from mid-July of last year.

An interesting takeaway from this new data is that when the poll initially began last year, Bush's overall familiarity among Republicans was already high. "Familiarity" is defined by Gallup as the percentage of those surveyed who know a candidate well enough to rate him or her either positively or negatively. Last July Bush saw 81% familiarity, which has since gone up to 89%.

That means Bush's name recognition is certainly not the problem here.

Additionally, Gallup's data revealed Jeb Bush's biggest loss in popularity came from men. In July 2015, his net favorability score among men was 30. As of Jan. 5, 2016, it sat at a dismal -9 - a -39-point loss.

Bush's current -1 net favorability rating among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents is the worst of any major GOP candidate - even lower than GOP presidential hopeful and Ohio Gov. John Kasich's (+5), and well below the seven other Republican candidates Gallup is tracking.

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