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Government at Its Finest: Ohio Reveals It Lost 50,000 Taxpayers' Personal Data

The Regional Income Tax Agency of Ohio (RITA) — a state municipality-run tax collection service — rang in the new year by revealing it lost 50,000 taxpayers' personal data:

personal data

Here is the official notice posted to RITA's website Dec. 31.

Even more outrageous is that news of the loss came out on Dec. 31 — two full months after employees at RITA realized the information went missing.

The documents contained sensitive materials such as names, Social Security numbers, personal incomes, and birth dates.

According to a report released yesterday by a small community news source, Delaware News, RITA admitted that the transition to a new data system is what exposed the breach.

You see, RITA originally kept classified material backed-up on DVDs.

That's right – DVDs.

Mid-transition to an actual computerized data-storing system, a RITA employee noticed that a DVD was missing from the archives. The disc held tax documents from June 2012.

According to Delaware News, RITA representative Amy Arrighi said employees at the agency tried to "physically locate the DVD" after realizing it had gone missing. They did so by checking the agency's main office in Brecksville, Ohio, and by checking "the jewel case, maybe in front and in back of it," during the process.

However, the disc remains lost.

To alleviate fears of identity fraud, RITA has offered those affected a full year of identity protection services and credit monitoring from Experian.

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