[VIDEO] Hillary Clinton-Goldman Sachs Ties Summed Up Here Perfectly

The Hillary Clinton-Goldman Sachs relationship is closer than it should be, according to many voters. The former Secretary of State has accepted Wall Street's campaign donations and fees for speeches - according to CNN Money on Oct. 13, 2015, Clinton made $3.15 million in 2013 alone from speaking to Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and other firms. Meanwhile, U.S. investors want a president who can put an end to Wall Street's constant market-rigging - not accept its support.

This controversial relationship was dragged into the light in the first Democratic debate of 2016 on Sunday night, Jan. 17.

One little gem of a line delivered by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and directed at Clinton's Wall Street ties made waves. His apt way of describing this relationship has reverberated across the Internet since Sunday, in this viral clip:

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