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How to Tell When the Next Market Crash (or Rally) Is Coming

We know that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is off more than 10% since July 1 in a correction that has investors all over the world rattled. 

But here's the thing… I've been able to predict every step of the sell-off, whenever stocks were set to make the next move down. Right before each drop, I told investors what they could do to protect themselves and even make some nice, easy money during the sell-off.

I made the predictions here in Money Morning, and on FOX Business, too.

But what I didn't tell FOX audiences was just how easy it is to predict when these dives are going to happen.

In fact, it's incredibly easy – especially when the market is about to move lower. You just need to know how to read "between the lines": channels, support, and resistance. 

That's just what I'm going to show you today: How to read the markets' future right now. That way you'll be able to see when the markets are ready to go through a big, juicy correction.

We're having one right now, but you'll be able to see it won't be long before another one comes along.

Here's what I like to call "Technical Analysis 101." It's fun, easy, and best of all, it can make you a fortune.

Let me show you my charts...

Will the Stock Market Crash in 2016? 

A stock market crash in 2016 wouldn't be unexpected right now. That's a frightening thought.

Stocks had a rough start to the New Year, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting nearly 8% in the first 10 trading days of January.

Investors are capitulating over concerns about China's slowing economy and its collapsing stock market. Tepid global growth and the Fed's decision to raise interest rates in December isn't improving investor sentiment either.

Is there going to be another stock market crash like we saw in 2008, though? Here's what we know...

Two Big Reasons MSFT Stock Is a Buy After Earnings

MSFT stock was edging up Thursday in anticipation of good news when the company reports earnings after the market close.

But unless Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has a really nasty surprise in store, it's a buy even if it doesn't post a strong beat. That's because Microsoft has worked hard on its transition away from its legacy PC business to capitalize on two major areas of growth.

Here's what those areas are - and why they'll enrich both Microsoft and those who own MSFT stock...

How to Defeat Wall Street's Secret Weapon

For most investors, the relationship between investing and profits seems simple enough. You buy low, sell high, and your portfolio grows – or so goes the story.

In reality, success ultimately comes down to defeating Wall Street's secret weapon: something called "Gambler's Ruin."

Understanding what it is and how to beat it will give you an edge other investors would pay dearly to have. Not one in 250,000 understands it.

The difference between heartache and success comes down to this concept, so here's what you need to know...