The Best Investment Strategies for 2016

investment strategyFinding the right investment strategies is extremely important right now, with market volatility at its highest level in months.

The VIX Index (INDEXCBOE: VIX), which is Wall Street's measurement of market risk and investor fear, is up 50% this year.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is also down nearly 9% this year. And at 15,963 as of Feb. 12, the Dow is only about 14% higher than it was right before the 2008 financial crisis.

Investors can't afford to not have the best investment strategies available.

That's why our Money Morning experts put together a list of the best investment strategies for 2016. Here's a preview of their recommendations:

Options Trading Specialist Tom Gentile has two options trading strategies that will help investors make money in both bear and flat markets.

Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald has an investment strategy that will put investors' money to work for them, earning a potential 2,426% profit.

Resource Investing Specialist Peter Krauth has a worst-case-scenario trading strategy that would help investors profit if a negative-interest-rate policy comes to the United States.

Here's a look at all of their investment strategies that will protect your money, and even help you profit, during this bear market...

The Best Investment Strategies for 2016

  • Many investors shy away from options trades because they seem confusing, but we've made them easier for all investors to understand. And, options can be some of the most lucrative trades out there - if done correctly. Money Morning Options Trading Specialist Tom Gentile makes options trades easy. Gentile led his subscribers to a 100% return in the first week of January - as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 900 points. He's mapped out a simple strategy to make more profits from this bear market. In fact, Gentile's strategy is built to capitalize on small market downturns, exactly like the ones we're seeing now. Get his strategy, right here...
  • Gentile also has an investment strategy to make money when the markets won't budge. His "non-directional" trading strategy is best when you expect a stock to maintain a certain price for a specific time frame. Gentile discusses this investment strategy in full, right here...
  • Long-term trades are ideal in any market scenario - bear, bull, or flat. Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald is a professional trader with 30 years of global experience making long-term trades. Forbes even hailed him as a "market visionary." Fitz-Gerald developed an investment strategy that grows investors' shares within a company without requiring them to spend more money. It's all a part of Fitz-Gerald's Total Wealth You can get his complete strategy, right here...
  • In a testimony before Congress on Feb. 10, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said there was nothing to prevent the Fed from employing one of the most controversial monetary policy tools out there: a negative-interest-rate policy (NIRP). A disastrous scenario like this would make the markets even more volatile than they are now. Money Morning Resource Investing Specialist Peter Krauth came up with an investment strategy to beat NIRP. It involves two investments that are untouchable by the Fed's dangerous monetary policy experiments. Get Krauth's strategy in its entirety, right here...

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