Will Ted Cruz Drop Out of the Presidential Race to Seek a Supreme Court Appointment?

It's a question that hundreds are asking across social media platforms right this very minute: Will Ted Cruz drop out of the presidential race?

That's because earlier today -- on Super Tuesday -- The Washington Post tweeted that, according to CNN, the Texas Senator will, in fact, do just that... as soon as tomorrow.

And Cruz will do so in order to seek a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz

However, many on Twitter speculate that this breaking news about Ted Cruz dropping out is actually just a Donald Trump trick in disguise.

lies tied to trump tweet

There is conjecture that Trump's campaign may have started the fracas because of the trending hashtag "#NeverTrump" that surfaced earlier today.

Ted Cruz drops outis Ted Cruz dropping out

Either way, we'll know more tomorrow.

In the meantime...

Ted Cruz supreme court nomination

Ted Cruz supreme court

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