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Apple Is Changing What It Means to Hold AAPL Stock

Earlier this week, tech juggernaut Apple Inc. singlehandedly sent the entire stock market reeling when it reported a second-quarter miss in earnings and revenue.

It was the company's first revenue decline in 13 years.

The disappointing reports listed falling iPhone shipments, which are down some 16% year on year, and 26% fewer sales in the massive and, for Apple, critical Chinese market. The strong dollar isn't helping Apple's performance there, either.

It's only the latest victim of the "earnings recession" we're almost certainly enduring right now.

Don't get me wrong: Apple is still a great company and a must-have stock.

But here's the thing… the very nature of what it means to be an Apple shareholder is changing, and the company is in the midst of what I think is a misstep right now.

Here's what I mean...

Why Misunderstood UPS Stock Is Our Pick of the Week

UPS stock hasn't gotten a fair shake lately.

A growing perception that United Parcel Service Inc. is at risk from's strategy to do more of its own deliveries has weighed on the stock.

But in this case, perception is far from reality.

Here's why UPS stock will thrive over the next few years, regardless of what Amazon does...

Bernie Sanders' Vice President Could Be One of These 5

Bernie Sanders still has a chance at winning the Democratic ticket in July. His fate will come down to the allegiance of superdelegates: party insiders that can vote for anyone at the Democratic convention.

Most superdelegates align with Clinton. But if Sanders persuades them to switch sides, he'll become the nominee.

Many people are wondering what a Sanders administration would look like. For example, who would his vice president be?

Here's who we think are Sanders' top five choices...

Is Obamacare Increasing Painkiller Addiction?

Because of an Obamacare policy, more and more doctors are feeling pressured into prescribing habit-forming painkillers to their patients.

In fact, 48% of doctors admitted in a 2014 survey that they felt pressured into prescribing inappropriate pain medications.

With nearly 19,000 deaths caused in 2014 because of prescription pain relievers, you will be truly shocked at how the Affordable Care Act may be contributing to a dangerous epidemic...

Negative Interest Rates Will Destroy Global Markets

Investor concern over how the growing use of negative interest rates will destroy the market was underscored today after Japan left rates in negative territory and signaled further easing is likely.

Shocked by the news, global markets tanked.

Here's what you need to know about negative interest rates and how to take cover from them...