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Dow Jones Industrial Average Climbs as June FOMC Takes Focus

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is slightly climbing today, although investors are still concerned about the economy.

Volatile oil prices, interest rate hikes, and currency devaluation are all issues investors are still worried about it.

But that's not all- here's all your important stock market news for May 31...

Why Gold Buyers Look So Smart (and Rich) Now - and How to Join Them

Get the world's biggest, most successful investors together for a cocktail party, and of course you'll have a room packed with power, money, big ideas, and, for better or worse, uncommon decisiveness.

But… because of the huge variety of investing styles – value, macro, momentum, growth, you name it – among the assembled company, you'll also have friction. The world's top investing minds just don't agree on much very often, if ever.

But right now, more and more, these giants are sounding a common note. And they're achieving consensus on one of the most contentious assets on Earth: gold.

The consensus is: Buy early, buy often, and buy in massive quantities.

With the gold shares I'm about to show you, we'll be getting rich in some very good company...

Make or Break Your Summer with This Investing Insight

Keith Fitz-Gerald sat down with us to give his best investing insight into the latest market developments he sees unfolding this summer and beyond.

With global markets in flux thanks to fears of everything from the Fed rate hike to the "Brexit" to increased terrorism, this is an interview no investor should miss.

Fixing This Financial Mess Should Be Our Next President's No. 1 Priority

Whatever the outcome in November, our new president will be saddled with a tremendous economic mess.

The U.S. is drowning in debt, some $19.3 trillion right now. Entitlement spending is about to explode, including the costs of Obamacare that were conveniently delayed until its chief author left office. The cost of servicing what will soon be a $20 trillion federal deficit is heading higher and consuming a larger percentage of government spending. The United States' fiscal situation is on an unsustainable trajectory.

The situation, however, is not hopeless. There are steps a new president can take to improve the situation.

But there's one thing he - or she - absolutely must deal with right away...

Why the Bill Clinton Economy "Boom" Is a Dangerous Myth

The Bill Clinton economy of the late 1990s is suddenly an issue in the 2016 campaign.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has promised to put the former president in charge of the economy should she be elected.

The only trouble is, the magic of the Bill Clinton economy is a myth.

Here's why Bill Clinton had less to do with the 1990s economic boom than many think - and how he instead sowed the seeds of two stock market crashes...