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High Tech Is About to Make My Favorite Strategic Metal Very Expensive

Rare earth and strategic metals are one of the hottest segments of 2016. The VanEck Vectors Rare Earth Strategic Metals ETF is up more than 15% year to date, in a year when the broad markets have struggled mightily to put, much less keep, 4% gains on the board.

The market here is so hot, in fact, that my absolute favorite strategic metal is being overlooked in favor of "flashier" counterparts. Don't get me wrong, it's seen some nice gains, too, of more than 23%, but I think there's lots more upside ahead that most investors aren't seeing… yet.

That's likely because the demand picture seems like it couldn't be better… But I'm going to show you that demand is about to get impossibly tight. 

Investors who wake up to the changing nature of this metal stand to make even more money on top of what has already been a double-digit run-up.

But you'll have to grab these shares quickly...