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Brexit Impact Makes These 3 Investments Must-Haves in 2016

No one knows how the Brexit impact will affect the markets in the long term, but that hasn't stopped investors from panicking right now.

Currencies around the world and the U.S. stock market are taking a plunge because Britain no longer wants to be in the European Union.

There are plenty of articles telling you how bad things can get. But Money Morning provides you with three must-have investments during these uncertain times...

Why We'll See Stocks Act Like Bonds and Currencies Soon

The British people powerfully repudiated their political and business elites last week by voting in favor of Britain exiting the deeply flawed European Union (E.U.).

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, 52% of British voters gave a collective middle finger to all five major political parties, more than 1200 corporate CEOs, and even American President Barack Obama who told them that it would be a terrible mistake to leave the death-clutch of the European bureaucratic state.

This was not only a victory for democracy but a resounding rejection of dismal economic and political leadership that has led the world to the brink of another global financial crisis.

But there's so much more happening beyond the United Kingdom...