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Keith Fitz-Gerald's Total Wealth

investing tipsTotal Wealth comes to you from Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, with the goal of helping everyday investors overcome a troubling statistic: As a group, they earn just half the returns they could be making each year. You see, Keith is one of the few investing experts who is able to not only match the return of the broader market, but outperform it – over and over again. Keith has 35 years of experience as a market analyst and professional trader, and now he's sharing his unique investing strategy, distilled into three steps: Spot the trends… pick the trades… and build your fortune.

Keith has identified six "Unstoppable Trends" that are changing the world and moving trillions of dollars, and aligning your money with those big-profit trends ahead of the mainstream is an essential component of his wealth-building strategy. When you subscribe to Keith's Total Wealth, all of his reports will be sent straight to your inbox as soon as they are released, with instructions on how to trade those trends for blockbuster gains and create the fortune for you and your family that you've always wanted.

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Michael Robinson's Strategic Tech Investor

tech investingStrategic Tech Investor is built on the premise that the road to wealth is paved with technology – and nobody knows this better than Michael Robinson, a 36-year Silicon Valley veteran and renowned tech investing expert.

Tech has minted more millionaires than almost any other sector, regularly outperforming commodities, real estate, and even oil and energy. And now today's disruptive, paradigm-shifting technologies are coalescing to create some of the most impressive money-making opportunities in the last half century. Strategic Tech Investor is your ticket to those high-profit ideas.

Twice each week, Michael brings you an inside view of the discoveries and trends he's following – like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and wearable tech. You'll learn which companies are out in front of these trends and ripe for your investing dollars, plus strategies for consistently making the most money. Subscribers who followed his recommendations on rare earth elements, for example, saw gains of 990% in less than a year and a half.

The tech sector is the fastest route to double, or triple, or even quadruple your retirement savings – and Michael will be the one to get you there.

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Dr. Kent Moors' Oil & Energy Investor

energy investingDr. Kent Moors has been one of the world's most sought-after energy experts for more than 40 years, with a roster of clients boasting top oil companies and natural gas producers and 20 world governments. Subscribers to Kent's Oil & Energy Investor service are granted exclusive access to the intelligence he gathers from his year-round meetings with the energy sector's biggest players – for free.

Every week Kent offers insight on what's really going on in the energy markets, beyond the headlines and mainstream media sound bites – and what you can do to profit. This is your opportunity to get connected to the elite inner circle that controls 90% of the global energy supply. The analysis and investing recommendations included in each issue of Oil & Energy Investor simply can't be found anywhere else – not from television pundits, Wall Street money managers, or personal investment advisors.

The U.S. oil industry… renewable energy… liquefied natural gas… Kent zeroes in on the best ways to cash in on the energy sector today.

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Shah Gilani's Wall Street Insights & Indictments

Wall StreetWall Street – the hedge fund millionaires, regulators, traders, politicians – is a rigged system. That's why Shah Gilani pulls back the curtain on this high-stakes game to expose how it's really played, and how you can win it. A "trader's trader" with more than 30 years of experience, Shah ran his first hedge fund from a seat on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1982.

Shah's been making a killing in the stock market for years, and now he brings his insider's perspective to subscribers of his Wall Street Insights & Indictments publication. Whether he's reporting on what the major players on Wall Street are up to, dishing out criticism of crooked politicians on Capitol Hill, or exposing the corrupt underbelly of our nation's most "esteemed" institutions, Shah tells it like it is, unwavering in his commitment to the truth. He also brings you the best trades to make to profit on the trends he's following, like financial "disruptors" that are upending the traditional banking system and revolutionizing the way we live.

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Michael Lewitt's Sure Money

trading strategiesMichael Lewitt has built an incredible track record of keeping the money of his high-net-worth clients secure for more than 25 years. Now he's delivering his advice directly to the subscribers of his new Sure Money publication, all for free.

Michael believes we're at a critical juncture for markets. After six years of nearly uninterrupted stock gains brought on by ineffective central bank monetary policy, markets are, by almost every measure, overvalued and headed for a "Super Crash." In fact, it's already started, as evidenced by the string of events that led up to the Dow's historic 1,089-point intraday drop on Aug. 24, 2015.

Subscribing to Sure Money is your best shot at cleaning up from the massive opportunity this scenario presents. Twice each week, Michael reveals what assets are going up and which are headed down, plus the surest way to profit on these moves. The biggest fortunes are often made off the hugest crashes – but only if you get in position ahead of time.

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Tom Gentile's Power Profit Trades

options tradingSeventy percent of retail traders lose every cent of their money in just one year – and of the 30% who manage to avoid that fate, only 5% make money over time. Tom Gentile's Power Profit Trades is your passport to joining the elite "1%" who rake in the vast majority of the profits.

Tom has devoted more than 30 years to developing a proprietary investing system that delivers 100% to 200% gains on the smallest of stock moves, earning him the title of "America's No. 1 Trader." Now he's bringing his money-making strategies directly to subscribers – for free.

Tom won't even consider a trade if there isn't a strong possibility it will result in a 100% return – with minimal risk and the least amount of capital outlay. He'll show you how to pick the right trades for maximum profits, supplemented with instructional videos so you can "learn while you earn." From the simplest and most conservative stock-only trades to more complex options plays that can triple your money fast, this is your chance to get a world-class trading education from a master.

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