States Voting on Marijuana Laws

states voting on marijuana lawsFor the first time ever, there will be nine states voting on marijuana legalization referendums in a single day: Nov. 8.

And the vote could create a massive wealth grab - one of the largest in history. In fact, everyday Americans could turn into millionaires overnight.

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But first, let's talk more about which states will be participating in the Nov. 8 vote - and why it's so important.

States Voting on Marijuana Laws in November

On Election Day, voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Arizona will be considering referendums about recreational marijuana use. All five of these states already allow medical marijuana use. According to recent polls, measures in California are likely to win, the New York Times reports. In Massachusetts, a poll showed that 55% of likely voters support legalization, according to the Times.

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Other states with marijuana referendums include Arkansas, North Dakota, Montana, and Florida. None of these states - except for Montana - currently allow medical or recreational marijuana use. Arkansas voters will be voting on two separate ballots, both of which would allow medical marijuana use. Although, the ballots face strict opposition from Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who used to lead the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Florida's referendum seems likely to pass. A Quinnipiac University poll from May found 80% of Florida voters wanted to legalize medical marijuana.

North Dakota and Montana's referendums are up in the air. Montana's marijuana referendum, however, would only undo the restriction a 2011 state law put on a 2004 voter initiative legalizing medical marijuana in the state. There's a good chance that voters would approve it, since they've already voted in favor of medical marijuana legalization before.

The Nov. 8 vote is only a portion of the gold in this massive treasure trove of opportunity, though. What this vote signifies - that's your profit play. A recent Gallup poll showed 60% of Americans support legalizing marijuana. That's up about 30% from 2000.

It's only a matter of time before this mounting pressure of support for marijuana legalization overwhelms Washington - and marijuana is unlisted as a "dangerous" Schedule I drug.

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