When Will the Federal Reserve Raise Rates and How Should You Prepare?

After the last FOMC meeting came to a close on Sept. 21, the Federal Reserve announced that it would not be raising interest rates.

However, in that same announcement, the U.S. central bank signaled the case for a rate hike later in 2016 had strengthened…

Now, investors look ahead to the next two-day FOMC meeting, set for Nov. 1-2. That’s just six days before Election Day on Nov. 8 -- a monumental event that’s already heaped enormous uncertainty on investors.

Might the Fed raise rates in November, regardless?

In a Facebook Live event on Oct. 26, Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton predicted to viewers the 2016 presidential election will have a huge impact on the markets. Moreover, it will hugely impact the Federal Reserve’s decisions about rate hikes and policy changes in months to come.

“There are two events that could lead to a Brexit-like meltdown in the U.S.,” Barton warned.

Watch the video for D.R.’s prediction on exactly when we can expect a rate hike in 2016 -- and what investors can do right now to prepare:

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