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Top Penny Stocks List This Week

top penny stocks listToday we're bringing Money Morning readers our top penny stocks list, which includes five stocks that have outperformed other micro-cap stocks in 2016.

In fact, the No. 1 penny stock on our list has posted gains of more than 950% this year...

These five penny stocks have incredible momentum and could even go on to break their "penny stock status," surging to more than $5 per share.

As a side note, this penny stocks list mostly serves as a tracking feature for our readers. So although many of these stocks have posted triple-digit gains, this doesn't mean we recommend them as penny stocks to buy. Penny stock investing can be risky, and what were gains one day could turn into losses the next.

As a bonus today, however, we're sharing a separate 90-page guide about investing in an emerging industry that could grow to $35 billion by 2020. This guide includes many great penny stock investments.

But first, here's our top penny stocks list for this week...

Top Penny Stocks List No. 5: Helios and Matheson Analytics

Helios and Matheson Inc. (Nasdaq: HMNY) is an information technology company that sells big data analytics. The company's clients are in many different industries, including healthcare, financial services, and insurance. HMNY is up 194% year to date (YTD) after the stock spiked following an announced merger with RedZone Maps on June 6. RedZone is an application that tracks and maps crime in major U.S. cities. News of the merger sent HMNY soaring over 1,000% from $1.11 per share to over $13.00 per share over five trading days. The stock has leveled out to $4.10 per share as of Tuesday intraday.

Top Penny Stocks List No. 4: China Commercial Credit

China Commercial Credit Inc. (Nasdaq: CCCR) is direct loan provider and financial leasing service company. The company mostly operates in the Chinese city of Wujiang. CCCR has risen 316% this year, but there seems to be no catalyst behind its rise. The company appointed a new chief executive officer on July 5, which may have generated some interest in the stock. CCCR is currently trading at $1.36 per share as of Tuesday intraday. It's important to remember, with a stock trading this low, any tiny stock increase - even less than a dollar per share - can give the stock big percentage gains.

Top Penny Stocks List No. 3: Alexco Resource

Alexco Resource Corp. (NYSEMKT: AXU) runs two businesses that seem like an odd mix. One is a mining company and the other is an environmental services business. The company's mining business operates out of Canada and consists of several mines and exploration zones. Alexco Resource's environmental business offers consulting and remediation solutions for its clients in Canada and the United States. AXU is up nearly 313% YTD, as it has risen gradually since January. Like CCCR, it isn't evident what catalyst is driving AXU, other than general investor speculation. AXU is currently trading at $1.37 per share as of Tuesday intraday.

Top Penny Stocks List No. 2: Northern Dynasty Minerals

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NYSEMKT: NAK) is a mineral exploration company with mining claims in Alaska. Its largest site is called the Pebble Project and is located in southwest Alaska. This location contains over 2,400 mineral claims. NAK has risen 380% YTD, but there appears to be no catalyst behind its rise. As of Tuesday intraday, NAK is trading at $1.49 per share.

Continue reading to find out the No. 1 penny stock this week, with gains over 900% this year...

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Top Penny Stocks List No. 1: Magellan Petroleum

Magellan Petroleum Corp. (Nasdaq: MPET) is an oil and gas company with natural gas sites across the U.S. Gulf Coast. MPET is up a staggering 939% YTD, from $0.54 per share to $5.89, with the largest chunk of its surge happening between Aug. 1 and Aug. 12. During this period, investors eagerly bought MPET shares after it announced a merger with Tellurian Investments Inc., a private company with a focus on developing liquefied natural gas. As of Tuesday intraday, MPET is trading at $5.73 per share.

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