Play These Sectors to Profit from Earnings Season

2016's Q4 earnings reports begin in earnest this week. Given the "Trump Bump" that played out from November through the new year, and the incoming administration's regulatory stance, most analysts expect financials to be the standout performers.

We happen to agree this time, but with a big difference.

We think investors who focus only on playing the financials are going to miss out on some big opportunities coming up this month (like Tom Gentile's Money Calendar Alert special gold trades) - opportunities that are going to come with a fair amount of volatility, to boot.

So CNBC World's "Capital Connection" asked Tom to make his first television appearance to name what he thinks will be the absolute best, most lucrative sectors to play - heading up and down - as we move past the inauguration and deeper into this earnings season.

He also made some rare stock picks in this interview to beef up your profits.

More in Elections and Markets: On Friday, Jan. 20, Donald Trump will be sworn in. Naturally, this has led to quite a bit of media chatter about what investors should do with their money ahead of time - like selling all your equities. But Tom Gentile, one of the world's leading trading authorities, explains why taking that "advice" could be the worst financial decision you make this year. To find out - and start receiving all of Tom's Power Profit Trades free of charge - click here.

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