The 5 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in February 2017

penny stocks to watchThe five top penny stocks to watch for February have posted a combined gain of 836.4% in January. That's more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained since 1990.

And with the Dow Jones Industrial Average skyrocketing to all-time highs, now is the best time to keep an eye on these five penny stocks to see if they climb any higher in February.

As a reminder, we're not recommending these five companies as "penny stocks to buy." Penny stock investing can be risky if you don't conduct thorough research of each investment. The five penny stocks below aren't recommended investments. Rather, they're just the five best-performing penny stocks of 2017 so far.

With that in mind, let's look at these penny stocks, including the best-performing penny stock in January that's up nearly 285%...

Top Penny Stocks to Watch No. 5: Biocept Inc.

Biocept Inc. (Nasdaq: BIOC) is a San Diego-based company developing a diagnostic test called a "liquid biopsy." This test differs from other cancer diagnostic tests because it checks for tumor cells in the blood rather than the tissue. Biocept was founded in 1997 and has a market cap of $26.2 million. Shares of Biocept shot up 50% on Jan. 11 after the company inked an insurance provider agreement with the Texas branch of Blue Cross Blue Shield - the biggest health benefits provider in the state. As of Jan. 26, BIOC stock is up 105.9% to $1.58 in January. However, it's down 62.5% over the last year.

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Top Penny Stocks to Watch No. 4: Delta Technology Holdings Ltd.

Delta Technology Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: DELT) is a Chinese industrial company that sells everything from pharmaceutical products to chemical materials. It mainly provides chemical products to companies in the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries, among others. Last Thursday (Jan. 19), shares of DELT stock exploded 95% in one day when the firm released a better than expected Q4 earnings report. Delta said Q4 2016 product sales saw a 133.3% increase from the year-ago quarter. Since the start of the year, DELT stock is up 127% to $1.66 a share. It has gained 57.8% since January 2016.

Top Penny Stocks to Watch No. 3: Transgenomic Inc.

Transgenomic Inc. (Nasdaq: TBIO) is another cancer biotech that diagnoses the disease via blood samples. Many emerging biotech companies emphasize blood diagnostics because it's more accurate and less invasive than tissue samples. Transgenomic also targets how diseases are inherited through specific genetics and mutations. On Jan. 12, the Transgenomic stock price surged 286% to its highest since September 2015 after it secured a three-year licensing agreement with Canadian healthcare provider LifeLabs. TBIO stock has soared 134% to $0.67 a share so far this year. It's down 2.2% since January 2016.

Top Penny Stocks to Watch No. 2: MYOS RENS Technology Inc.

MYOS RENS Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MYOS) is a nutrition company based out of New Jersey. It specializes in developing and selling nutritional supplements that manage muscle diseases. These include sarcopenia, cachexia, and other degenerative muscle diseases. The company also owns the powdered workout supplement Fortetropin, which retails between $30 and $70. Shares of MYOS stock have skyrocketed 184.7% to $3.35 in 2017. It's also gained a stunning 102.4% over the last 12 months.

Now, here's the best-performing penny stock of January, which has skyrocketed 284.8% and could go much higher in February...

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Top Penny Stocks to Watch No. 1: Pulmatrix Inc.

Pulmatrix Inc. (Nasdaq: PULM) is the best-performing penny stock of 2017 so far. The company develops therapies and treatments for rare pulmonary diseases. These diseases mainly affect the lungs and cause people to have difficulty breathing normally. Among the treatments in its product pipeline is PUR1900. This will primarily be used to treat cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that often fills the lungs with mucous. The PULM stock price has gained 284.8% to $2.34 in January. However, shares are down 21.7% over the last year.

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