The 10 Largest Penny Stock Gains of March 2017

This list shows the 10 largest penny stock gains of the month so far...

Penny Stock Current Price March 2017 Gain
Ocera Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: OCRX) $1.37 +107.6%
Rennova Health Inc. (Nasdaq: RNVA) $2.63 +46.1%
QuickLogic Corp. (Nasdaq: QUIK) $2.16 +37.6%
BioScrip Inc. (Nasdaq: BIOS) $1.98 +31.1%
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (Nasdaq: ADMP) $4.47 +29.6%
Strongbridge Biopharma Plc. (Nasdaq: SBBP) $3.80 +28.8%
Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: PIRS) $2.60 +27.5%
Regulus Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: RGLS) $1.33 +26.7%
Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: BLPH) $1.75 +25.9%
ParkerVision Inc. (Nasdaq: PRKR) $2.61 +23.7%

The top penny stock of March - Ocera Therapeutics Inc. - has skyrocketed 107.6% in just the first seven trading sessions of the month alone. For comparison, that's more than 18 times the Dow Jones Industrial Average's gain of 5.8% over the last three months.

largest penny stock gainsThose incredible returns are why we like to bring you a weekly roundup of companies with the largest penny stock gains.

As a reminder, this is just a list of the best-performing penny stocks. We don't recommend investing in any of these companies - instead, this is just a watch list.

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Luckily, Money Morning Chief Research Analyst Sid Riggs has already done the research and found a small-cap stock that's set up for big gains in 2017. Although this company trades above the SEC penny stock cut-off of $5 per share, Riggs - an expert at identifying small-cap stocks with huge long-term potential - says this company is worth the few extra dollars for two important reasons...

  • It has a strong presence in several multibillion-dollar markets, including military defense and digital media.
  • It just smashed Q4 earnings expectations by a huge 86%.

Here's the best small-cap stock to buy in 2017...

Buy This Company for Big Penny Stock Gains in 2017

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Riggs recommends investing in Intevac Inc. (Nasdaq: IVAC). Shares of IVAC stock are up 26% to $10.77 so far in 2017.

While that's more than double the $5 maximum penny stock price, IVAC is more than worth the extra $5.77. That's because the firm is at the center of three growing industries: defense, digital media, and solar energy.

You see, Intevac's sensor technology is a main component in everything from night-vision goggles used by the military to camera equipment used by photographers and filmmakers. Both industries are set to see billion-dollar growth this year, especially the defense sector. The devices that require Intevac's sensors will surely see strong demand if Trump delivers on his proposal to boost military spending by $54 billion.

But the incredible growth in the solar market could be one of the biggest boons for IVAC stock. The company's sensor technology is used in solar panel installations, which are poised to increase by 88.1% this year to 410 megawatts.

All of this will help grow Intevac's profitability - a rare thing for penny stocks. Intevac posted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.13 on revenue of $29 million in Q4 2016. That crushed Zacks' expectations of $0.07 per share by 86%.

The Bottom Line: Although IVAC stock costs more than most penny stocks, its price is justified. The company supports its high stock price with strong profitability and a dominant position in the growing digital media, solar, and defense industries.

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