This George Soros-Funded Alliance Is About to Wage War on Trump

George Soros
Activist investor and billionaire George Soros

Some of the nation's wealthiest anti-Trump activists - including left-wing hedge fund billionaire George Soros - will meet later this week for the annual Democracy Alliance conference.

The symposium - which is largely funded by Soros and his infamous grant-making network known as Open Society Foundation - gathers every year in hopes of matching America's liberal, wealthy elite with organizations at the forefront of the anti-Republican movement.

One such organization hoping to garner large donations this time around is "Indivisible" - an anti-President Donald Trump consortium led by former Democratic congressional aides, including founders Ezra Levin and his wife, Leah Greenberg.

Levin, Greenburg, and Soros last gathered together on Nov. 14, in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, in order to retool and reprioritize the "big-money left" on how to fight back against Trump's presidency.

What came out of that closed-door meeting was a 23-page anti-Trump manifesto that was posted as a Google document a month later on Dec. 14.

The tactics suggested therein rang a familiar bell for some of its readers -- especially those aligned with the Tea Party...

George Soros-Backed Group Wants to Mirror the Tea Party

Millions of people latched onto the manifesto -- at least, according to Indivisible's website. The Guardian, however, reported on Jan. 8 that Google couldn't offer an exact count of how many times the document was viewed or downloaded.

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But we do know that it was picked up by mainstream media. Here are some headlines that ran immediately after its release:

  • "Ex-Hill Staffers Put a Spin on the Tea Party Playbook in Anti-Trump Guide" - Talking Points Memo, Dec. 15, 2016
  • "The Tea Party Taught Us How to Resist Trump" - Slate, Dec. 19, 2016
  • "How to Defend America the Indivisible" - The Washington Post, Dec. 23, 2016

So, even without knowing the exact number of readers the manifesto reached, it obviously garnered quite a bit of attention.

And within the well-received manual's 23 pages was a "step-by-step" guide explaining how readers could use a certain Tea Party tactic to disrupt the new Republican establishment...

[mmpazkzone name="end-story-hostage" network="9794" site="307044" id="138536" type="4"]

Overwhelm your opponents.

"Unless you worked in Congress the summer of 2009 [when the Tea Party became recognized nationally as a conservative sub-group], you cannot fathom the volume of phone calls [that came in]," Sarah Dohl, the Indivisible guide's co-author, told The Guardian on Jan. 8.

Between 2009 and 2013, Dohl had been a communications staffer for Lloyd Doggett, a Democratic Texas congressman. She explained that while working at Doggett's campaign headquarters, the phones would ring with Tea Party-aligned voters constantly, all whom complained from "the moment staff arrived at the congressman's office to well after they left. The office's voicemail was always full."

"You're trying to do things in your daily job -- policy briefs, speeches -- and you're forced to take these phone calls and respond to emails and write letters [instead]," Dohl said.

These disruption tactics worked -- they impeded Doggett's workers from making progress on campaign-related activities, instead bogging them down with the relentless phone calls and emails.

Now Dohl and her Indivisible cohorts say liberals need to turn around and do the same thing to congressional GOPers.

Meanwhile, the manifesto drafters claim they will continue to develop and fine-tune the organization's action plan, including figuring out what steps to take next.

Of course, in order to keep Indivisible's momentum going, it will need more money. And that's where Soros' Democracy Alliance conference comes in.

While Indivisible started taking small online donations on Feb. 1, it's now hoping for those "big liberal bucks."

However, thus far the group has allegedly not received a single cent from George Soros himself - whose name is constantly being attached to such activist groups and their mysterious funding.

Dohl stressed as much to CNN on Feb. 11: "We haven't received any money from him," she said. "Those checks must have been lost in the mail."

We'll see if that's still the case after this weekend's big anti-Trump powwow in D.C.

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