These Shocking Marijuana Jobs Come with Salaries Up to $125,000

Marijuana jobsIn North America in 2016, marijuana sales totaled $6.7 billion. And because the industry is booming, there are plenty of marijuana jobs in this growing market.

Some of these jobs are quite lucrative, with salaries of $125,000 or more.

And for marijuana job seekers, there are a variety of opportunities in the cannabis market.

For marijuana cultivators...

New Marijuana Jobs No. 10: Bud Trimmers

One entry-level position in the marijuana industry is the position of bud trimmer.

In a medical marijuana dispensary, a trimmer cuts the flower from the stem of a marijuana plant with little scissors. The bud trimmer must make sure to cut what is needed and not waste the plant.

It tends to be one of the lowest-paid jobs in the industry at $12 to $13 an hour, according to Forbes.

However, with minimum wages in most states being $10 or less, this is still better paying than most minimum-wage jobs. And because legal cannabis is still a new industry, there is room for bud trimmers to work their way up in a company.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 9: Delivery Drivers

There are several ways that you can be a marijuana delivery driver and make some decent cash.

One is by delivering products between a cultivator and various marijuana dispensaries. The other is by delivering from dispensaries to individual clients or patients.


Marijuana Delivered in 5 Minutes

There is even an app medical marijuana patients can use in some areas called "Eaze." Drivers for Eaze can earn at least $16 per hour and can keep all of their tips.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 8: Marijuana TV Script Writers

If you have a background in the arts, you might be able to leverage that into a career as a marijuana script writer.

Cannabis-related movies and television shows are becoming more popular after the long-running success of the series "Weeds." There are now at least six marijuana projects in development for the next several years on various networks, according to

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The median salary for script writers is $36,565, but script writers can earn more based on experience.

The next seven jobs on our list are surprising, and they could net you six-figure incomes...

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New Marijuana Jobs No. 7: Marijuana Yoga Instructor Jobs

Combining the practice of yoga and cannabis isn't new.

In fact, it's been done for centuries and is reaching the mainstream thanks to legalized marijuana. These classes are exactly as they sound - a combination of social marijuana use and yoga.

The national average salary of a yoga instructor is $37,900, but marijuana yoga instructors could charge more because of the specialized nature of the class.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 6: Marijuana Journalist

There is a clear demand for quality journalism in the cannabis industry, and UC Berkeley and the University of Denver now have programs for marijuana journalism.

Most marijuana journalism jobs are in states where recreational marijuana is legal like Washington, Colorado, and California.

But as more states legalize marijuana, there could be more magazines, newspapers, and online publications that cover the pot industry.

According to PayScale, the median salary for a typical journalist in the United States is $39,794.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 5: Graphic Designers

As marijuana becomes legalized, the number of marijuana businesses and product offerings will increase.

That means there will be an increased demand for graphic designers.

Companies need to create branding that incorporates professional designs for logos and ads. This is why a role as a marijuana graphic designer could provide continuous work.

The median salary for graphic designers in the United States is $40,000.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 4: Weed Wedding Planner

Now that recreational marijuana is being legalized in several states, some people want to incorporate cannabis into their wedding.

This is where a specialized wedding planner will come in handy. A weed wedding planner can make a cannabis-based wedding memorable with weed-infused food and drinks, marijuana plants in the bridal flowers, and a special bud bar at the reception.

PayScale reports that the median salary of a U.S. wedding planner is $41,993, but a weed wedding specialist could earn more because of their unique offerings.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 3: Marijuana Fashion Designers

Believe it or not, fashion in the cannabis industry is not all about ripped jeans and tie-dyed t-shirts.

Yes, you can still find some outlandish designs in cannabis fashion, but that's what makes this particular industry so fun and popular. From materials made of hemp to clothing with a message, fashion in the marijuana industry is both versatile and lucrative.

While not necessarily indicative of this particular industry, U.S. fashion designers have a median salary of $61,382.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 2: Marijuana Extraction

When most people think of cannabis, they think of a plant. But many cannabis products today are made from marijuana extracts.

Extract products account for 40% of sales in some stores.

The most important part of the job for any extractor is a strong attention to detail. Consistency and quality are paramount when extracting marijuana.

According to Forbes, these jobs pay anywhere from $75,000 to $125,000.

New Marijuana Jobs No. 1: Grow Master

Another marijuana job that delivers an excellent salary is a marijuana grow master.

This person oversees marijuana cultivation operations and understands how to grow pot in a variety of conditions. So far, many of the best marijuana grow masters are coming from California.

This position can pay a salary up to $100,000 and also pay out a portion of the operation's profits.

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