Millions of Investors Own Some Gold, but Only the Smart Ones Own This

The end of the bull market is coming.

We've already gotten a taste of it this week, when the markets took a dip at the slightest uncertainty about President Trump's ability to carry out his agenda following his healthcare fail.

The dollar sank to a four-month low, U.S. bond yields dropped, and investors fled to safe-haven investments.

In fact, gold for April delivery zoomed $7.20 an ounce to hit $1,255.70 - a level last seen back on Feb. 27, according to MarketWatch. That's the highest price of gold in a month.

You see, in times of fear and uncertainty, investors don't walk - they run - to the yellow metal.

But here's the secret...

The smart ones - the investors who want to see real, triple-digit gains - buy up the gold miners.

And one gold mining stock stands out from the rest: Goldcorp Inc. (NYSE: GG).

Shares of the Canadian miner have surged 10.9% in just a dozen trading days - an annualized equivalent of 236%. And it has plenty of room to run.

In our latest "Stock Talks" video, our champion stock picker, Bill Patalon, shows you how you can play this ultimate gold mining stock right now.

Here's Bill on Goldcorp's revolutionary "Internet Gold Rush," how the company "found" billions in the ground, and his optimistic outlook for Goldcorp stock right now:

Rare Gold Anomaly: The first time it created $1.25 billion in new wealth virtually overnight. The second time, it created a cash windfall of $6 billion – both times making in-the-know investors flat-out millionaires. And it’s about to happen again, only this time we expect the cash windfall to reach $13 billion. If you take advantage of this rare gold anomaly right now, you, too, could walk away a millionaire. Details here…

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