Investing in Alternative Energy in 2017 Is Your Ticket to Mega Profits

The global market for alternative energy soared to $1.35 trillion last year, and that's just the beginning of this explosive industry growth.

For savvy investors, right now is the perfect time to get in early on alternative energy investments as renewable energy begins overtaking the energy market.

alternative energyYou see, the need for energy is a constant across the globe. And demand for energy is only going up. In fact, the EIA forecasts the demand for energy worldwide will rise another 25% by 2040.

That sort of growth alone makes investing in energy a profitable strategy. But the source of the world's energy is rapidly changing.

The EIA forecasts clean energy investments like solar, wind, and hydro could pass coal and natural gas as the top source for electrical power in the United States by 2040.

Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors says the "wealth creation is virtually unlimited" when it comes to this huge shift in energy sources.

That's why investing in renewable energy right now could bring you spectacular gains, and we'll show you just how to do it...

Renewable Energy Can Dominate the Entire Energy Market

Alternative energy has substantial advantages over traditional energy sources like oil, coal, and natural gas. Renewable energy is not only limitless, it's also free.

However, it's always been much more expensive than old energy sources, until now...

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The UN's "Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2017" shows the costs of renewable energy sources are dropping. Alternative energy costs fell 10% this year alone. And a report from Bloomberg last April showed solar energy costs have been slashed to 1/150th of their 1970s prices.

A big reason for the falling costs of renewable energy is increased funding for these renewable sources. The UN report showed that investment in renewable energy capacity is double that of fossil fuel sources. And those cost-cutting investments are leading to more adoption of clean energy sources.

"Worldwide, the amount of electricity produced by solar has doubled seven times - just in the last 16 years," Moors said. "Wind has doubled four times in the same period."

alternative energy

On top of that, the UN report shows that 55% of all new power comes from alternative energy sources. Just last year, alternative energy sources added 138.5 gigawatts to the world's power capacity. That's nearly a 10% jump from the 127.5 gigawatts renewable sources added in 2015.

This combination of lowered costs and an endless supply of renewable sources is one of the main reasons the EIA expects alternative energy could turn into the United States' top energy source by 2040.

While the profit potential for clean energy investments is off the charts, energy investors need to move quickly. Getting in early on alternative energy investments is the surest way to profit from this clean energy revolution.

And investing in renewables could bring investors staggering wealth. Here is Moors' complete renewable energy investing strategy, including details on his top clean energy stock to invest in now...

Here's How to Make Alternative Energy Investing Lucrative in 2017

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After examining energy forecasts from the International Energy Agency, Moors says $48 trillion could potentially pour into solar energy in the coming years.

And Moors has keyed into one solar company that could make the most of that $48 trillion.

This company has made a revolutionary breakthrough in solar energy technology that's making it competitive with fossil fuels. Because solar energy is free, the costs in the industry are developing the technology to capture the energy. And this company's solar cell technology is helping to bring the cost of solar power down by a stunning 99%.

That's a major development because, as we showed you above, lower solar energy costs will make the technology more adoptable. That's why the EIA is projecting it could pass coal and natural gas as the top supply of electrical energy. This company could be the major catalyst for that development.

The explosive growth potential for this solar technology is why Moors is giving his readers this stock pick now, so they can have the opportunity to invest before he expects the stock to take off.

And this company is preparing a major announcement that will likely send its stock to the moon, delivering early investors massive gains.

If you could only own one solar company for the next 10 years, this would be the one.

And to give you a hand up on investing in the solar energy industry, Moors also put all the need-to-know details in a special briefing called Total Domination: Ride Solar's $48 Trillion Energy Revolution!

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