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Everything We’ve Said About North Korea Is Coming True

The "Asian Arms Race" could take a dangerous new turn...  

Editor's Note: For years now, Bill has been warning his Private Briefing readers that the United States has generally underestimated the threat from North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. He's made prescient calls on three stocks that have been consistent performers but that should soar once reality "catches up" with American policymakers. Bill is expecting that any day now…

As we've said, it's all but inevitable: Sometime between now and the end of Trump's term, the White House is going to have to grapple with a huge – and potentially deadly –  decision about North Korea and its nuclear weapons program.

As the situation heats up by the day, we're rapidly reaching the point where North Korea goes from worry to real risk.

From the beginning, we've maintained that North Korea's nuclear program is an issue that is much more troublesome than the Pentagon would have us believe – and each new development is proving us right.

Just look at the events of the past week…

Korean Tensions Are Coming to a Boil – Fast

On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping told Trump in a phone call that Beijing is willing to work with Washington on ending North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

At the same time, on the heels of reports of that conversation, a rumor spread through social media and the bond markets that China was positioning "150,000 troops" along its Yalu River border with North Korea. This may have helped juice bond interest rates a bit, but the rumor was ultimately proven "fake news." On nearly any given day, the Chinese military has as many as 250,000 personnel operating in the region, and Western intelligence agencies reported no evidence that they were mobilizing or edging closer to the North Korean frontier.

North KoreaBut on other fronts, the news of the day was all too real – particularly Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite tensions stemming from Washington's assertion that Russia aided and abetted Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's chemical attack last month, both men agreed that North Korea must be denuclearized.

On Sunday, the United States declared it will permanently station unmanned missile-capable drones in South Korea in "anticipation" of conflict with Pyongyang.

Also on Sunday, Tillerson suggested that the latest U.S. strike in Syria was meant to send a message to Pyongyang, which has in recent weeks test-launched multiple ballistic missiles. North Korean officials responded by stating that the U.S. action in Syria was "absolutely unpardonable" and claimed the strike proved that its own nuclear weapons were justified to protect the country against Washington's "evermore reckless moves for a war."

Even as all this was unfolding, a U.S. Navy strike group of two destroyers, a guided missile cruiser, and the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson was steaming toward the Korean Peninsula, where it will likely be joined by two warships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

These events come just days before North Korea celebrates the April 15 "Day of the Sun," the birthday of deceased "Eternal President" Kim Il-sung – current leader Kim Jong-un's grandfather – amid speculation that Pyongyang will mark the occasion by testing missiles or possibly a nuclear device.

Over the last five years, we've been keeping you updated about Pyongyang's ambitions and efforts – and about North Korean leader the younger Kim's escalating combativeness, especially where the United States is concerned.

That's because, taken in toto, there's only one conclusion to reach here: North Korea isn't just an emerging threat to the United States.

It's an outright danger.

You see, this isn't the first, second, or even third time Kim and Co. have threatened to "incinerate America"…

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  1. Vishwas | April 14, 2017

    Till this date US is the only country which has used atomic weapen on unarmed humanity , not once but twice. One should worry more about US than North Korea

    • Daddymac | April 20, 2017

      Maybe you should move to a protected country. If you live in the USA you should be glad we did or you may be a speck of dust never born.

  2. Robert Pacione | April 14, 2017

    Ok! Lets get real hear. 1st off. Trump is in his own right obviously to defend his mainland U.S.A. This would not surprise me if the Chinese set a trap. (One must remember that the entire world wants the U.S. currency to be destroyed). This is why i firmly believe that in the South China sea. U.S. military should flank the Chinese And Japanese mitary. With eyes from the outside.

    No matter what. So many hate Trump with a smile as his knowledge and no how of running a country is bleek. Honestly! It is. He is on a path to learn who is his allies in house and who is his enemies in house. Democrats are out yo do anything to mislead the man. I firmly believe that his decisions are justified and I believe Trump is utilyzing his power to prove to others he is not aat to just walk over. His brilliance is in his forsight. He deserves the chance and the right to continue his muscle as for you americans. You finally have a man that is there truthfully for his own country. Theres a lot on his plate. His decision to end North Korea nuclear program is a necessary event that must take place as Kim Jong has reached a level of power that he believes within himself to be a calling. He has created this over the years as a master plan that involves Asia itself to stand beside him against the U.S.. Hence why I say. Watch from a far. Keep closer eyes on China and Japan.


  3. Elbert Pair | April 14, 2017

    I think that the US should just do what has to happen go ahead and let NC know what we do to people like we did Japan two times and get it over with here and now

  4. Soren Majgaard | April 15, 2017

    Think China as the puppet master and Kim Jong-un and North Corea as China's test field for their ambitious plans to rule the South China Sea and become the new emperor and leader after the USA
    China is already immensely powerful and they see how we crumble facing the Medina attack machine. So what can go wrong for them by continuing their dirty chess game using the North Corea as their pawn? until they feel that they are strong enuf to call Checkmate

  5. Elliott Yamamoto | April 18, 2017

    Interesting: The U.S. sold scrap metal to Japan that was recycled and used in aircraft to attack at Pearl. Both political parties were responsible by tax code and law to encourage manufacturing to leave and have China cash their U.S. Treasury notes to build infrastructure and military. Meanwhile here at home there is the "trickle up" economy. Yes, I am a veteran. Tell me more. I certainly would like to know what is happening.

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