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The 10 Best Government Shutdown Memes of All Time

In just a few days, Congress will have to reach an agreement on a new spending measure to ensure the government stays open.

You see, the current funding agreement for the federal government will expire on April 28 – and right now there is no replacement in progress.

To make matters worse, the deeply divided Congress only has one week to have a plan in action.

And we all know how fast Congress moves…

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The imminent government shutdown is not getting nearly the amount of serious attention it deserves. It is, however, garnering loads of humorous attention on the Internet.

In fact, there are literally hundreds of hilarious government shutdown memes floating around right now. Fortunately, we've taken all of the guesswork out of which government shutdown memes are the best of all time. Enjoy!

10 Best Government Shutdown Memes of All Time

No. 10: If Only…

meme work

No. 9: Kids Say the Darndest Things

meme budget

No. 8: Only in a Perfect World

meme taxes

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No. 7: Quick! There's No Line at the Pentagon!

meme tourists

No. 6: Please Pardon This Interruption

meme eagle

No. 5: Willy Wonka Gets Snarky

government shutdown

No. 4: How Was Your First Day?

best government shutdown memes


No. 3: Yeah, That Might Work!

government memes

No. 2: Not So Fast, Your Highness

best memes

No. 1: Well… This Is Awkward

government shutdown memes

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