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Mark Cuban: Trump's Top Economist Is Secretly Waging a "Democratic Invasion"

Billionaire activist Mark Cuban has a new political theory: He believes a subversive "Democratic invasion" is currently underway at the White House.

The "Shark Tank" star expressed his suspicions to FOX Business' Charlie Gasparino on Tuesday (April 18).

Mark Cuban

Billionaire and outspoken critic of President Trump Mark Cuban, 2017

Gasparino relayed the info to his FOX Business colleagues and viewers yesterday afternoon.

He said that Cuban believes Gary Cohn, director of the U.S. National Economic Council who was appointed by President Donald Trump, is specifically leading this "Democratic invasion" on Capitol Hill…

Mark Cuban Thinks Trump's Dems Are Changing His Mind on Tax Policy

Cuban said Tuesday that Cohn's influence on the new president would explain why Trump has become more centrist – especially with his tax policy plans, according to Gasparino.

"There's a thought out there, not just from conservatives, but from some liberals, that [President Trump] went for [tax reform changes] first instead of tax cuts because there's a Democratic takeover of the Trump administration," Gasparino added.

"Gasparino: Trump Critic Mark Cuban Warming Up to Trump Presidency," FOX Business, April 18, 2017
On top of that, Cuban suspects Cohn isn't the solo Democrat within the Trump administration…

"Fifty-percent of non-military leadership [in Trump's administration] are Democrats," Cuban told Gasparino – including the likes of Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, as well as the president's senior advisor (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner, and assistant to the president (and daughter) Ivanka Trump.

To Cuban's point, it was Mnuchin who admitted on Monday that the GOP's plan to have a tax reform bill submitted to Congress by August is "highly aggressive to not realistic at this point," The Financial Times reported.

And Cohn hinted this same sentiment to Bloomberg on April 7. He claimed that he, too, has doubts about that August deadline.

"I don't know if it's August or not," Cohn said. "Getting it done well and getting it done right is more important than getting it done soon."

If Cuban's right, it'll be much harder than Trump supporters anticipated for the new administration to make changes in Washington…

Not only would the Trump admin face a "Democrat invasion" from within, it faces renewed Democrat opposition in Congress.

Congressional Dems Lob a New Threat at Trump's Tax Reform Ideas

You see, Democrats are pushing the president to release his tax returns… again.

This time, if he refuses, they've threatened to hold up tax reform policy changes indefinitely.

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"If he doesn't release his returns, it is going to make it much more difficult to get tax reform done," Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate's leading Democrat, threatened on Monday, according to The New York Times.

Schumer pointed out that the president has significant conflicts of interest on issues such as taxation of the real estate industry and elimination of the estate tax. "It's in his own self-interest," Schumer added.

Whether the president will release his taxes following this latest threat is anyone's guess, but  there's one analyst who believes that if Congress would just start with one tax reform issue rather than a bunch at once, then tax policy change could start to happen as soon as today…

The Analyst Who Thinks Tax Reform Changes Are Possible Right Now

There's one way legislators can still make that August tax reform deadline, Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald explained to FOX Business Network's "Varney & Co." yesterday.

They just need to start with simple corporate tax cuts.

Because corporate tax reform is not only "music to the stock market's ears," Fitz-Gerald claims, but it's doable, will win favor across both political parties, and create jobs.

Plus, it's possible to enact right now. Have a look…



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  1. Kevin Beck | April 22, 2017

    This is an effect I've been observing too. Trump is NOT a typical Republican (not an indictment; just a fact). But I have had a bad feeling about Gary Cohn, since he is more of a swamp monster than anyone else within the White House. He was a top person within the Government Squid (GS–Goldman, Sachs). And I believe he is more entwined in the Wall Street–Washington Axis than even President Trump would like to see.

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