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The 4 Best Silver Investments of 2017

The best silver investments of 2017 belong to these four types of assets…

  • Physical silver
  • Silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Silver trusts
  • Silver stocks

Today, we're going to show you one specific investment from each asset class that could hand you generous double-digit returns this year. These picks are courtesy of Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, who believes silver is absolutely essential for every investor to own.

"Silver is not traditionally an investment that will offer quick, explosive gains over a short period," Keith told Money Morning Members. "However, looking ahead, silver has the real potential to see double-digit gains in 2017 fueled by a number of key factors that will bolster demand in the coming months."

One of the biggest catalysts for silver this year will be rising demand. Here's one of the biggest reasons silver demand will climb higher this year…

This Is Why Long-Term Silver Demand Will Rise

silver price

Simply put, silver is a metallic conductor of electricity. Its conductive qualities have made it the second most industrially used commodity after crude oil. Silver is a critical component of semiconductors, tableware, batteries, and dental alloys, among dozens of other important tools.

"The versatility of the metal makes it one of the top conductors of electricity and the second best reflector of light after rhodium," Keith said.

Its light-reflective qualities make silver perfect for solar energy. In fact, the solar energy market is the biggest industrial consumer of silver.

About 90% of all photovoltaic (PV) cells in solar panels use silver paste. According to the Silver Institute's World Silver Survey 2017, 76.6 million ounces of silver were used in the production of PV cells last year. This was up 33.9% from 57.2 million in 2015 – the strongest annual growth since 2010. Not to mention 2016's PV silver demand made up 13.6% of total industrial demand, which was 561.9 million ounces.

And soaring solar panel demand this year will only increase demand for silver. Energy analytics firm GTM Research forecasts the global solar market to grow by 9.5% in 2017 to 85.4 gigawatts (GW). That's up from 78 GW of solar energy capacity in 2016.

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Silver's growing use in the solar sector is one of the biggest reasons silver is essential to own this year. That's why Keith just recommended these silver investments to make in 2017.

These investment vehicles encompass all four major types of silver assets: physical silver, silver ETFs, silver trusts, and silver stocks…

Here Are the 4 Best Silver Investments of 2017

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  1. moo | May 18, 2017

    You for cast how high isi slver?

  2. Harry de Bruijn | May 18, 2017

    Again and again the Wall Street criminals manipulate with their HFT computers the precious metal markets. Was it necessery in a normal market to bring gold down from $ 1260,– to $ 1248,– in one move. If you citizens of the USA do not
    do anything against this scum of mankind then there is very little hope for the future of our children, grandchildren and greatgranchildren. Nowadays nothing good comes out of the USA. Very sad.

  3. Glenn | May 22, 2017

    Nowdays nothing good comes out of the USA? Really? So sorry you feel that way. Of course, you are entirely, absolutely incorrect. Tremendous freedoms and opportunities are still very real and available in this country. Tremendous education and medical institutions thrive here. This country's financial and military clout still enables most of the "free world" to remain free. We provide most of the funding to the UN. We grow a huge amount of food. The people of this country have sent food, medical support, teams of skilled persons and finances to help people in other countries affected by disasters and tragedies of various kinds. This country has repeatedly stopped and restrained tremendous evil and wicked forces in other parts of the world. Inventions, innovations and creativity bloom into reality in this country and in turn has provided tremendous opportunity, industry and financial gain in many other countries. Also, Christianity is still alive and practiced by many and missionaries of the gospel of Christ are still sent abroad. So I believe you misspeak or you haven't bothered to seriously and intelligently think through before you speak. I am not speaking from national pride, but rather suggesting a mere beginning of the facts.

    No country is without faults or negative issues. We have our own. So far, at least, we still have a government and a people who still have ability and willingness to try to create a better future. And lastly, I would think a competitive person would look for ways to work, to find honest gain and to maintain a positive attitude while doing so. Please, don't be discouraged so soon. If you look in the right direction and if you just keep searching, reading, listening and learning you will find your way forward and will be proud of your efforts. Recognize, but don't get hung up on the political nonsense or the news cycles. Look for the trends and opportunities and listen to wise and experienced people such as those with Moneymap press or money morning. And remember freedom isn't free. It always costs you and somebody else something. Some of us have risked our lives and some have lost them to provide freedom for others. And many are doing so today. How about you? Please rethink. You can move forward when you move your attitude into the plus column. Best of fortune to you.

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