10 Biggest Penny Stock Gainers to Watch in July 2017

The list below contains the biggest penny stock gainers to watch next month (July 2017), including the top performers of June so far. We'll also give you one of our top small-cap stocks to buy in 2017 after the chart...

Penny Stock Current Share Price June 2017 Gain
Delcath Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: DCTH) $0.19 +850%
MoSys Inc. (Nasdaq: MOSY) $2.12 +219.7%
AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: AVEO) $1.80 +156.3%
Rewalk Robotics Ltd. (Nasdaq: RWLK) $2.92 +154.3%
Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: EKSO) $2.40 +130.8%
Ability Inc. (Nasdaq: ABIL) $1.36 +128.8%
Marathon Patent Group Inc. (Nasdaq: MARA) $0.46 +105.3%
Zion Oil & Gas Inc. (Nasdaq: ZN) $2.68 +94.4%
Vivint Solar Inc. (NYSE: VSLR) $5.85 +82.8%
Technical Communications Corp. (Nasdaq: TCCO) $5.01 +75.7%

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The best performer of the month has been Delcath Systems Inc., whose shares have rocketed a stunning 850% from $0.02 to $0.19. These monster returns have come on the heels of the company's announcement that it will release phase 2 trial data for its cancer drug, Melphalan, and Hepatic Delivery System sometime this week.

As you can see, it wasn't just Delcath that posted a triple-digit gain in June. Seven of the 10 top penny stocks listed are up over 100%, showing just how explosively profitable penny stocks can be in a short amount of time.

But we don't advise investing in the penny stocks listed above right now. Because most of them are already up triple digits this month, now might not be the best time to buy in since they're already trading at high prices.

biggest penny stock gainers to watchInvesting in penny stocks like these that have been soaring all month can be dangerous for investors who haven't done proper research. When looking for the best penny stocks to buy, studying financial filings like annual 10-K documents and quarterly earnings reports is paramount. These filings will tell you if a company is legitimate and growing its profitability. If a company doesn't meet those standards, it's probably not worth your investment.

Fortunately, Money Morning Small-Cap Specialist Sid Riggs is here to do the exhaustive research for you. While many of his small-cap stock picks trade above the $5 maximum requirement for penny stock classification, these firms have larger market caps between $300 million and $2 billion. That shows these companies allure more investors because they're more financially stable than penny stocks.

Today, Sid - whose recent pick has handed investors an 18.3% profit since he first recommended it on Feb. 10 - is recommending another top small-cap stock to buy in 2017. It's a pharmaceutical company that has a strong track record of FDA approval for its products, including one that will be the first of its kind sold over the counter.

This company has also smashed earnings expectations by an average of 57.6% over the last four quarters. According to Sid, that's a sign Wall Street wildly underestimates this firm's growth potential, making now the perfect time to buy shares.

Here's our best small-cap stock to buy right now...

This Is One of the Best Small-Cap Stocks to Invest in This Year

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The pick is OraSure Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: OSUR), which develops medical devices that detect conditions like HCV, HIV, and influenza. The company also sells drug-screening products that can detect narcotics or alcohol in a person's system.

But OraSure's most popular products include its line of portable cryosurgical devices. These let people apply intense cold to lesions, warts, and other spots on the skin to remove the unwanted or infected tissue.

The company has seen a number of its products quickly receive FDA approval in recent years. In 2010 and 2011, the FDA approved OraSure's blood and fingerstick HCV tests, respectively. And in 2012, the company received FDA approval for its in-home HIV test.

According to the OraSure website, it's the first oral fluid over-the-counter HIV test approved in the United States. That ability to stay ahead of competitors will continue to be a long-term boost to OraSure stock.

In fact, its ability to outperform the market is already showing this year. The OSUR stock price has soared 79.5% so far in 2017, beating the Dow Jones' 8.4% gain and the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index's 21% return. And Sid expects those gains to keep coming as the firm continues to stay ahead of the competition.

Thomson Reuters analysts conservatively say shares of OSUR could rise 1.6% from the current $15.75 price to $16 by next June. However, the company keeps growing while analysts keep underrating it, and that means it's a value buy right now...

Since Q2 2016, OraSure has smashed earnings estimates by an average of 57.6%. During the last quarter of 2016, the firm posted $0.13 per share, exceeding the $0.05 analyst estimate by 160%. It kept that streak going in Q1 2017, when it earned $0.21 per share and beat the $0.18 projection.

"That tells me analysts have almost perennially underestimated the company's potential - something they won't do for long," Sid said. "Which is why you don't want to delay for a New York minute if you're as interested as I am."

With a string of quick FDA approvals and unbelievable earnings, OSUR is the best small-cap stock to buy in the biotech sector this year.

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