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Pot Stock Investors Will Love What We Saw at D.C.'s Biggest Cannabis Conference

I've said before that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a marijuana flat-Earther, out of step with society and science, and way, way behind the times.

In fact, his views on pot are so regressive that his mere nomination for the post of "Top Cop" last year sent all kinds of legal cannabis stocks plummeting. That's a phenomenon we observed virtually every time Sessions took to the podium in an official capacity to talk about federal drug policy.

However, I've also said that legal marijuana is an unstoppable freight train and that there's hardly a thing Sessions could do to stop it. In addition to saying it here in Money Morning, thousands of people heard me make that big claim during my Pot Stock Summit last month.

That's no idle talk, either. As of right now, we've got 100% confirmation that Jeff Sessions has been totally beaten in his quest to roll back the pot prohibition clock to 1968.

Here's how we got it: We went right into the "belly of the beast" in Washington and one of the biggest pot trade shows on Earth, to find out about Jeff Sessions' defeat and an even bigger development in a market that's set to hit $55 billion by 2025. 

Here's what happened...

Why Rapidly Rising and Falling Bitcoin Prices Don't Rattle the Expert Buyers

Rapidly rising and falling Bitcoin prices may trouble those new to the digital currency. But for those who have owned Bitcoin for several years, it's familiar territory.

After shooting up 213% in just nine weeks, the price of Bitcoin fell 31.6% in three days. Investors typically shun that kind of volatility. But Bitcoin veterans know that every decline simply sets the stage for new highs later on.

Here's why longtime Bitcoin owners are pouncing on this "crash" as a buying opportunity...