The Third-Grade Economics Lesson That Will Make You a Millionaire

D.R. Barton, Jr.

Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton, Jr., has helped hundreds of thousands of regular, everyday people master powerful trading techniques that the professionals use.

We're not just saying that to be cute...

Just last month, a trade D.R. recommended to his subscribers closed out two triple-digit gains - including one of 139% - in just four days.

Even better, those who listened to him cashed in another 241% on the same trade two weeks later.

And over the past 45 trading days alone, he's identified 13 triple-digit winners and ten double-digit winners.

You see, Barton is a market expert. He's spent the past 30 years identifying nearly invisible, "extreme" stock trends that turn into fast gains in any market or stock movement - bull, bear, or sideways.

Now, he's developed an original system that helps anyone - even the novice traders - learn how to cut through the noise of the markets and identify the best stocks.

He's named it The 10-Minute Millionaire. And it's so simple a third-grader could learn from it.
I had the pleasure to sit down with D.R. this week and talk with him about the upcoming launch of The 10-Minute Millionaire. We discussed what the system is, what kind of traders would benefit from it, and why he thinks it's going to make people so much money.

An Introduction to The 10-Minute Millionaire System

MONEY MORNING: What types of people do you think would benefit most from The 10-Minute Millionaire?

D.R. BARTON, JR.: That's an interesting question that I get a lot!

The answer is that it is not targeted to one set of investors. It's really for people who are new to investing and trading or who simply want to learn more about this world - it's laid out very clearly, simply, and easily. That's one of the things that is one of the unique propositions here.

The 10-Minute Millionaire takes the complex world of markets and distills it down into something that is very easy to understand. I laid the system out in a way that I would teach to a third-grade economics class.

The concepts are easy to explain to someone who doesn't have a background in investing or trading at all, yet someone who has been trading for 20 years can learn from it and grasp the big picture.

MONEY MORNING: That's great! So you're a technical trader - you like numbers and charts. Do you use those a lot in The 10-Minute Millionaire?

D.R. BARTON, JR.: Let me put it this way...

The 10-Minute Millionaire is simple enough to understand but powerful enough for the most seasoned investors.

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That being said, yes, I am a technical trader. But I also use fundamental filters as a way to look at what's going on in the world.

What Is a Technical Trader?

Technical traders are obsessed with charts and graphs, watching lines on stock or index graphs for signs of convergence or divergence that might indicate "buy" or "sell" signals.

You see, I like to focus on the overarching market narrative - what's really going on, and what's driving the markets.

It used to be the FANG stocks: Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX), and Google (otherwise known as Alphabet Inc.) (Nasdaq: GOOGL).

Then, the markets obsessed over the every move of the Federal Reserve.

Now, the markets are moved by the actions of the new president and Congress.

And these drivers - these "narratives" - drive everything that I do with my technical analysis.

MONEY MORNING: Charts are definitely not my favorite thing - but it sounds like, despite that, I could still follow along and use this system.

D.R. BARTON, JR.: I believe you absolutely could.

MONEY MORNING: You make the system sound super easy to use. But I have to ask - and this is something I'd have to think any person will want to know if they are thinking of using The 10-Minute Millionaire to learn how to invest - what kind of success - real success - can folks expect from your system?

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D.R. BARTON, JR.: The 10-Minute Millionaire program is set up so that people from all different backgrounds, of all different levels of experience, can succeed. It's set up as a success mechanism.

Here's the thing...

The 10-Minute Millionaire is both a way to look at the markets and a systematic, step-by-step recipe to take advantage of those markets.

So, I think that people can expect to have something that is laid out, understandable, and easy to follow. It will allow them to take a small, underperforming part of their portfolio and turn it into something much larger than that - if that's what they want to pursue.

MONEY MORNING: So it's a little bit like... you get out of it what you put into it?

D.R. BARTON, JR.: Well, yes, there is some of that.

But I think it's more of... how much are you willing to learn? How much are you willing to dig in?

And the best part about this system is that it's a little bit of a shortcut identifying where the potholes are, where the bumps in the road may lie, so you can get ahead much faster. You can succeed much more quickly by following the recipe.

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MONEY MORNING: Following the recipe... you make it sound so simple!

D.R. BARTON, JR.: Well, it certainly can be!

MONEY MORNING: What sets The 10-Minute Millionaire apart from other systems?

D.R. BARTON, JR.: I think that it's a bigger thing that sets The 10-Minute Millionaire apart.

The bigger thing is that once you learn to look at the markets and really begin to understand them from this perspective, then you can find those big trading opportunities over and over again.

So, let me give you The 10-Minute Millionaire in a few sentences...

The markets are a whole millions and millions of people and entities that are involved in something we can all understand: a big auction.

So, the markets are an auction. And if we can understand that, it's easy.

We all know there are times where people get too excited about an item and they bid more than it's worth, right?

Or sometimes, things fall out of favor, or out of fashion, and they don't pay enough even if the underlying value is much, much higher. That is what drives prices to extremes.

Stock prices are the same way; sometimes they are driven by an "auction."

If we can understand that, then we can put together a systematic way to exploit that model - to capitalize on it.

The 10-Minute Millionaire shows you how to recognize those extremes so that you can know when the rubber band has gotten stretched too far. Then, we can find ways to identify them and expect them to return to a normal price.

Doing that over and over again will yield profits each time.

So, we have a model that works, a system to capitalize on it, and we can apply it over and over again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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