This Canadian Pot Penny Stock to Watch Is Up 59.1% in Just Two Weeks

Today's top Canadian pot penny stock to watch is Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. (OTCMKTS: VRNDF). Shares of this firm - the fourth company to ever legally sell marijuana in Canada - have climbed 59.1% in the last two weeks (Nov. 6-20), crushing the Dow Jones's 0.3% decline over the same time.


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VRNDF's gains show the market-beating profit potential of marijuana penny stocks. But we don't recommend buying shares of Delta 9 right now, since its double-digit gains are behind them.

Instead, we're going to show you one of Money Morning Director of Technology & Venture Capital Research - and marijuana stock expert - Michael A. Robinson's favorite marijuana stocks to buy for 2018. It's a company in the high-growth hydroponics industry, which analysts say could grow 20.3% into a $24 billion industry by next year.

First, here's the recent news that makes Delta 9 today's marijuana stock to watch...

Why Delta 9 Cannabis Is Today's Canadian Pot Penny Stock to Watch

The main factor behind VRNDF stock's 59.1% rally over the last two weeks has been the company's recent debut on a major Canadian exchange. Although U.S.-based investors can buy Delta 9 shares on over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges, the firm went public on the Canadian Venture Exchange (CVE) on Nov. 6.

The firm's Canadian shares - which list on the CVE under the ticker "NINE" - shot up 246.2% on Nov. 6, from $0.65 Canadian dollars to $2.25. NINE stock is up 41% overall since its market debut. That Canadian demand has enticed U.S. investors to buy the OTC U.S. shares (VRNDF) of Delta 9, which are up 59.1% since Nov. 6.

Delta 9 is a licensed producer of medical marijuana and just the fourth company to legally sell and grow cannabis in Canada. It's also one of the country's largest, with cannabis production capacity expected to rise to 17,000 kilograms over the next three years.

canadian pot penny stockAlthough its 59.1% return makes it look like a tempting investment, VRNDF isn't our pick among the top marijuana stocks to buy now. In fact, we have a different marijuana company we're recommending today.

Shares of this stock are priced higher than a typical penny stock, but we strongly believe it's worth the extra money. That's because the firm is a pioneer in the growing hydroponics industry...

The term "hydroponics" refers to the way of growing marijuana in mineral-rich water rather than traditional soil. According to Michael, this method has many benefits.

"It means no mess and, more importantly, no pesticides," Michael explained. "That's a key consideration for green consumers."

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But the growth potential of hydroponics won't just benefit marijuana consumers, but also investors. Manifest Mind - which provides research on energy and natural resources - forecasts the value of all hydroponically grown plants worldwide will climb from $19.95 billion in 2015 to $24 billion next year. That's a growth rate of 20.3%.

And this company is poised to keep dominating this niche industry, with the firm's revenue expected to rise 300% over the next few years...

One of the Top Marijuana Stocks to Invest in for 2018

Michael recommends Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. (NYSE: SMG) as the best way to profit from the growing hydroponics sector.

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Scotts Miracle-Gro has long been known for selling a wide variety of garden products. The uses for its line of products have included insect control, lawn fertilization, gardening, and landscaping.

But the company has pushed into the marijuana industry in recent years, particularly in 2015, when it made a big acquisition...

On April 3, 2015, Scotts announced it would acquire General Hydroponics - a leading innovator in the hydroponics field for 40 years - for $130 million. This marked Scotts' largest acquisition since 1998, when it bought European garden company Rhone-Poulenc Jardin for $147.5 million.

Scotts buying General Hydroponics was a way to create a new revenue stream, which could grow as hydroponics becomes more mainstream.

"Scotts CEO Jim Hagedorn sees the purchase as just the first of several moves, all aimed toward the goal of creating a $1 billion yearly business," Michael said. "That's a nice addition for a business that currently generates around $3 billion in sales."

SMG stock also offers a competitive dividend of $0.53 per share (2.16% yield). The company has raised its payout every year since 2010, when it was just $0.13. Most marijuana stocks are unprofitable, meaning they don't pay dividends at all.

But SMG's dividend is even better than big peers Central Garden & Pet Co. (Nasdaq: CENT) and Andersons Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE). Central Garden doesn't offer a dividend, while Andersons only pays $0.16 per share for a 2.13% yield.

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