Five Reasons Why Gold Will Soar in 2018

Bitcoin - a high-tech, 21st-century investment vehicle if ever there was one - soared from $1,000 to nearly $20,000... and back down to $13,100. It has, of course, got everyone riveted.

Stocks are going ballistic, too, with the market packing on more than 20% in gains over 2017.

And so it's been easy to overlook that 5,000-year-old, decidedly non-virtual asset: gold.

Its story hasn't been flashy; the yellow metal has had a tough time thanks in part to all those strong dollars sitting in optimistic, well-paid investors' pockets.

But, as Money Morning Director of Research Matt Warder is about to show you, the bottom is behind us, and the way upstairs is wide open for gold gains - possibly even extreme gains - in 2017.

This ride is something no investor can afford to miss...


As Matt promised, here's Money Morning's latest independent research on all the reasons gold has a big, profitable 12 months ahead. The price targets are mouth-watering. Click here to get the full report - no charge, of course.

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