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The 10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch for December Include This 123% Gainer (December 4, 2017)

Pyxis Tankers Inc. is among the top penny stocks to watch for December after climbing a respectable 123% last week.

While that's an impressive gain, we're recommending a different stock to our readers. This stock is also positioned for major growth and is far less risky.

Instead, the company we'll show you today has beaten analyst earnings expectations in six of the last seven quarters and is on pace to grow profits by 33% or more this year.

Before we reveal the pick, here are the top 10 penny stocks to watch this week...

Friday's Big Dow Drop Opened Up a Big, Month-Long Opportunity

The trading on Friday, Dec. 1, started off with "business as usual."

The grinding bull had been moving sideways, because the markets had Senate tax reform progress "baked in" for the past few "up" days. Still, the prospects were looking good, and most market watchers were anticipating a move higher.

Then I saw the major indexes start to tank.

A quick check of my fastest news feeds gave the answer: ABC News was reporting that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was prepared to say that President Trump "directed him to reach out to Russian officials during the campaign."

The market continued to drop.

And - snap! Just like that, we were in the grip of a very profitable extreme - one that's only poured fuel on my favorite December recommendation...