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One of the Best Penny Stocks to Watch for December Is Up 384%

Penny stocks are so attractive thanks to their explosive potential. These stocks trade for just dollars, or even pennies, and can post triple- or even quadruple-digit gains in a matter of days.

But they are also much riskier than normal stocks. Most penny stocks are listed on over-the-counter exchanges with no requirements for being listed.

As a result some penny stocks are merely scams relying on pump and dump schemes that could quickly drain your entire investment.

However not ALL penny stocks are scams. Here's one of the best penny stocks to watch for 2018...

The 3 Best Bitcoin Books to Read (or Gift) This Holiday Season

Blockchain technology is here to stay, and the leading cryptocurrency built on it, Bitcoin, is up an incredible 900% run this year.

Over the last 72 hours alone, Bitcoin has seen four 12% price swings between about $9,250 and $11,000.

Whether you, or someone you know, are looking to get in on the action or are just curious about the history and technology behind all this commotion, here are the three best Bitcoin books to read (or gift) this holiday season...

Why the Dow Jones Today Is Flat as Debate Continues Over Trump's Tax Plan

Uncertainty is weighing down the Dow Jones today as the Senate's plans to overhaul the U.S. tax code are threatened by new concerns about its impact on the deficit.

Dow futures are down 16 points this morning after several GOP senators threaten to hold out on the bill until it does more to address the strength of the economy.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar...

The Dirty Shopping Season Secret "They" Don't Want You to Know About

I don't want to get into one of my "commercialization of Christmas" rants, but my biggest issue with the whole Christmas shopping season is that Americans fall for this blatant scam every single year.

Now, I'm not here to fight the culture wars, but I do have an agenda: to tell you the truth – and point you toward "unreasonably" good profits.

With that said…

They already screwed up Christmas, and now they've screwed up my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, with this destructive Black Friday con.

In fact, if I were ever CEO of a retailer, I'd gather all the executives during our first meeting and ask them, "What's your Black Friday strategy for next Thanksgiving?"

Anyone who had plans would be fired.

Hear me out...

It's Not Too Late to Double Your Money on Netflix Stock

While the FAANG stocks seemed infallible this year, Wednesday's sell-off in these technology leaders proved otherwise. Video-streaming giant Netflix Inc. is no stranger to volatility, dropping 6% from its intraday high Tuesday through Thursday's close.

Given its history of volatility and all the conflicting company news lately, it is nearly impossible to predict the short-term twists and turns of Netflix stock.

Fortunately, Money Morning's options trading specialist, Tom Gentile, has strategies to profit from Netflix no matter which way the stock moves.