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Defense Investors Are About to Get Rich "1981-Style"

The Trump White House is taking a page right out of President Reagan's playbook. When Reagan took office in January 1981, he sought to rebuild a military depleted by years of war and tough congressional budgets.

Trump took office last January after campaigning on a defense buildup from a budget of around $580 billion. He said he wanted to beef up the military after prolonged battles in the Middle East and annual defense budget fights on Capitol Hill that limited weapons spending.

That's why Trump called for a fiscal 2018 defense budget that is 10% larger than the year before, making it the biggest increase since the Reagan years.

Make no mistake, this gives us a "target-rich" opportunity for the new year. After all, Trump wants more airplanes, tanks, and troops, as well as technology for missile defense and a wide range of other platforms. 

And today, I'm going to reveal the defense trends I see for 2018 and show you how to play them with a market-crushing investment...

The Future of California Cannabis Depends on This Key Resource

In an effort to balance environmental concerns with marijuana's projected $20.2 billion market, a new batch of rules and regulations specific to California cannabis companies' water use have now taken effect.

While other cannabis companies struggle to comply with the new rules, this company is set up to make even more money.

Here's how...