[Chart] Oil Just Passed $65 a Barrel; Here's Why That's Important

Drill, baby, drill.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil just climbed above $65 a barrel for the first time in more than three years yesterday (Jan. 24).

oil climbs

Oil companies and investors alike are in great spirits, because this means oil just reached a "breakeven point" for drillers, at which extracting oil becomes profitable for most companies.

Oil prices have taken a dive in the past few years, hitting their lowest price in over a decade in February 2016, as cheaper U.S. shale oil flooded the market. According to The Wall Street Journal, many major companies have been forced to roll back investments and spending on new wells.

But after OPEC and its allies voted to slash production in order to boost demand in November of last year, prices have been on the rise.

And now that the breakeven benchmark has been passed, this trend is expected to continue...

The Future for Oil Prices

Money Morning Global Energy Strategist - and oil expert - Dr. Kent Moors sees oil prices heading even higher from here.

"Oil's impressive run in 2018 is far from over. In fact, this spike is only the beginning," he told readers on Jan. 7.

"Some major profit opportunities are ahead for investors."

Dr. Moors is an expert in oil and gas policy and emerging market development.

He's highly respected in this industry and has made over 2,100 appearances on networks like CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg during his 40-year career.

That's because he knows about developments in the energy market before they happen.

How? Because he serves as an energy advisor to 29 world governments, including the United States, Russia, China, Iraq, Australia, and Kazakhstan. He's advised every major agency of the federal government on energy issues... not to mention numerous U.S. states and governors.

And as a consultant to six out of the world's top 10 energy producers, Dr. Moors' travels frequently land him behind the scenes, on the inside.

So when Dr. Moors makes an oil price prediction, we listen.

But it's his latest energy prediction that has us more excited than ever. Read on...

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The Biggest Energy Play in 147 Years Is Coming - Are You Ready?

Dr. Kent Moors has long been tracking a situation in the U.S. energy markets that is about to absolutely explode with newfound wealth.

The last time something this big hit, early investors saw a rare 150,000% gain.

A shocking new proposal by the U.S. Department of Energy has lit the fuse and could launch a tiny $2 million startup into the stratosphere - minting millionaires in the process.

Make no mistake: You could be one of them.

Early insiders already hold stakes worth $752 million in this startup. That's over three-quarters of a billion dollars just in one tiny company.

Perhaps they know something big is about to break...

Of course, no one knows for sure, but Dr. Moors' analysis indicates that a huge move is coming for this company.

In fact, he sees this tiny, $2 million company doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling over and over again, as a whole new sub-niche of the global energy markets comes to fruition.

You see, this new sub-niche takes one of energy's most lucrative sectors and ratchets up the opportunity mega-fold.

Forbes calls this "The future of energy... with no other power source even close to matching its potential over the next few decades."

Bloomberg agrees, calling this revolution a "bonanza"...

...and The New York Times confirms the facts, saying this boom is "Shaking up the energy world."

Here's the thing: These media outlets know something big is coming, but Dr. Moors is one of the only people on Earth who knows exactly which companies to watch ahead of this once-in-a-lifetime energy event.

And for a limited time, you can see how you could profit from this $7 trillion energy development.

But you have to act fast. Due to the nature of this special dossier, he can only share it with a small group of individuals.

Make sure you secure yours, before it's too late, by clicking here.

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