Your Next Chance to Double Your Money in Two Weeks

You have to see this new trade that could double your money in as fast as two weeks.

It's the latest from the most successful earnings trader today, Chris Johnson. His track record is off the charts, with 10 triple-digit winners and seven double-digit winners in less than three months.

Trades like this are usually reserved for his paid-up subscribers, but this one is so hot, we just had to share with you today.

Take a look now, because this company reports earnings next week, so this trade is moving quickly - here's Chris...

For Chris' detailed trading instructions, click here.

Learn How You Could Turn a Small Stake into $31,000 in Just 10 Weeks

Dozens of S&P 500 companies will be making major announcements over the next several weeks that could send shockwaves throughout the market, setting off massive potential price jumps.

Knowing how to get in two full days ahead of the biggest, most promising share-price potential gains is an advantage that's never been available - until now.

Chris Johnson has developed a tool that gives 48-hour advance notice of these kinds of price eruptions - with 100% certainty.

His recommendations this year are off to an incredible start - like 153.59% on FCAU on Jan. 8...

...56.70% on ADBE on Jan. 8... 102.78% on OZRK on Jan. 11...

...and then an additional 276.47% on FCAU on Jan. 12. That's 589.63% total winning moves in just five days!

Right now, Chris is tracking dozens more opportunities that could help you trade your way to some serious cash - fast.

In fact, with just a small stake, you could see as much as $31,000 in just 10 weeks.

Go here now to see how this works...

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