Today's Fast Profits Trade from Chris

To follow Chris' GWW play - and potentially turn a 3% stock move into a 20% gain - here is the trade to make.

Buy-to-open the GWW March 16, 2018, $270 Calls (GWW180316C00270000).

Be ready to sell quickly.

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How Chris Can Help You Put $750, $1,700, or $5,600 in Your Account as Fast as Tomorrow

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If you're like most people... probably spend your evenings eating dinner, watching TV, and then going to sleep.

But for Chris Johnson, a former CEO and Wall Street insider, it's time to take action.

That's why we call him "The Night Trader."

Every evening after the market closes at 4 p.m., he infiltrates the market, executing a special type of trade that can help put $750, $1,700, or $5,600 in his account the very next day.

Developed by a PhD engineer...

...the core behind The Night Trader's strategy only became possible to use on April 1, 2017...

Before that date, night trading was impossible.

You couldn't have followed this method if you wanted to.

But now, you can do night trades through any major broker. And it only takes five minutes an evening. Not a second more.

By the time you check your account the next day, you could see 50%, 75%, or 125% total gains.

We know, because we've seen this strategy firsthand.

  • On Wednesday, Dec. 13 - at around 9:30 p.m. - Chris added a series of trades to his portfolio...
  • When he got around to checking his account on Friday morning, his entire portfolio was up 83%.
  • Then, after spending the weekend wining and dining at a five-star resort, he checked his account on Monday and saw another 102% total gains.

That's 185% total gains in two trading days.

NO ONE we know of - not even the best traders and analysts in the world - can outperform The Night Trader, and without using a single option, no less.

But as you'll see...

Chris is unlike anyone we've ever met...

  • He's in the top 1% (of the top 1%).
  • He only works five minutes a day.
  • He lives by his own rules, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

If you've ever wanted the chance to grow richer every single day, you will want to pay very close attention to what you're about to see.

Once you get a taste for how Chris operates and the tools he has access to, we're convinced your life will change for the better.

Get ready to be blown away.

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