This Litecoin Price Prediction Shows a $280 Target by March 1, 2018

The price of Litecoin slumped 28.64% in the month of January 2018, but the pullback might not last long. One crypto analyst's Litecoin price prediction shows the coin jumping to $280 by March 1.

Joseph Raczynski, the technology manager at Thomson Reuters, projected Litecoin (LTC) prices would climb 69.38%, from $165.30 on Jan. 31 to $280 by the start of March.


"Litecoin transaction speed is its key in the short term," Raczynski told

"As some of the other platforms attempt to ramp up, Litecoin may have the edge with this angle. I still see this as the silver compared to Bitcoin's gold, and there is no shame in that."

Since his prediction, Litecoin prices have already climbed 33.61% to $220.87.

Prices would have to climb another 26.77% to reach his $280 Litecoin price prediction.

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LitePay Could Send Prices to $280

One of the criticisms of cryptocurrencies now is they aren't easy to spend or accept.

But that's all going to change with LitePay...

LitePay is a way to spend Litecoin almost anywhere you can use a credit or debit card, and it works with the Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) network.

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On Feb. 16, Money Morning Cryptocurrency Expert David Zeiler released a detailed report on why LitePay going live on Feb. 26 will be a game changer for Litecoin.

Of course, anyone would be happy with a 26.77% gain in the next week.

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