The Truth About Freedom Checks [Not a Scam!]

By , Money Morning

If you've seen the viral video for "freedom checks" featuring Matt Badiali and are wondering if they are a legitimate investment or a scam, we've got great news for you: Our team of investment analysts looked into them, and they are 100% legitimate.

Our analysts verified that, while the name "freedom checks" is a bit of creative marketing, the investments themselves are completely legitimate and were actually enacted by Congress in 1987 under a little-known statute called 26-F.

Today, 568 companies meet the Statute 26-F requirements and are legally allowed to issue freedom checks.

The companies that issue these checks can operate tax-free, as long as they meet two requirements.

  1. They must generate 90% of their revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and gas here in the United States…
  1. Agree to pay out the lucrative freedom checks to shareholders, many of whom are collecting $124,000… $266,000… and as much as $643,000 each and every year.

While our investment analysts have confirmed that freedom checks are in fact a legitimate investment, it's easy to see why a handful of "review" sites have popped up claiming that Matt Badiali and his freedom checks are a scam: They simply don't understand how the investments work and quickly dismiss the lucrative opportunity.

It's true that these freedom checks are not a government program like Social Security or Medicare, and they're not a 401(k), or IRA, or any similar type of retirement account.

In fact, they can easily be three or four times larger than the average monthly Social Security payment, and unlike that program, there are no age or income restrictions to collect the checks.

And yes, you can invest in these freedom checks through your online brokerage account.

So what is this lucrative investment that Matt's talking about?
As our investment analysts discovered, the companies that issue freedom checks are called "master limited partnerships," or MLPs.

How Did Matt Badiali Discover Master Limited Partnerships?

While working for a famous financial expert on a project that would take him across the globe, Matt discovered MLPs, the exclusive group of 568 companies, can issue freedom checks.

As mentioned earlier, these companies primarily operate in the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and gas. They explore for new oil and gas wells, transport oil and gas across vast pipeline networks, and refine the oil and gas that comes from the Bakken Shale, the Permian Basin, the Marcellus Shale, and other major oil and gas fields here in the U.S.

The monthly or quarterly payments from MLPs, called "distributions," are very similar to traditional stock dividends, and it's these payments that Matt calls freedom checks.

Here's more great news: Because these payments are treated as return of capital, instead of income, investors do not have to pay income taxes on them.

Investors looking to start collecting these payments don't even have to open a special account. Buying shares in an MLP is just as easy as buying a share of Apple or Google. And just like a traditional dividend-paying stock, you can receive your distribution either in the mail or deposited directly into your brokerage account.

Our analysts found many investors who are making $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 a month from their freedom checks!

Of course, these are the top investors, and most people can't expect to collect payments quite so large. But these freedom checks do pay out two to three times more than most conservative investments.

The good news is that with some of the MLPs trading for less than $10, it's possible for anyone to get started today, even with a modest amount of money.

To learn more about how you can start collecting freedom checks from Matt's favorite MLP investments, we have a transcription of his video presentation that you can read by clicking here.

  • I've been reading your comments and have some comments and questions for those who have members with Matt:

    1) Please do not invest any money that you are not willing to lose! Understand the risk first.
    2) Does Matt provide a step by step procedure to get the monthly checks?
    3) How accessible is Matt to his membership? Does he run webinars where the membership can ask questions, is there a working phone number?
    4) Matt has different levels of membership...wondering if the higher memberships truly are more beneficial.
    5) If you aren't satisfied with the program, did you call the refund telephone number. Wondering also if the refund telephone number works.

    Thanks, I do think there is something to this, but I think unfortunately some ingredients have been left out too!

  • I've tried this also. No luck. I did find a BBB accredited company that pays residual income for the life of the products they back. if anyone is interested in info for that let me know.

  • trying to decipher how to get into this seems to make IRS instructions seem crystal clear- disturbing, as I cannot afford losses on SS and a pension.

  • I read ALL the comments, and not one identified any stock or MLP by name. That is a serious red flag. Most comments are likely from the company soliciting the investments

  • I would love to get my freedom checks
    I live on social securties income
    Please sign me up

  • What is a 'Pyramid Scheme' A pyramid scheme is an illegal ( oh wait this is legal so it can't be a pyramid shceme ) investment scam based on a hierarchical setup. New recruits make up the base of the pyramid and provide the funding, or so-called returns, the earlier investors/recruits above them receive

  • Please sign me up on how to receive my share of Freedom Checks!
    I'm interested in finding out more information about how Freedom Checks
    work, and how this system can help others.

  • I have read all of the comments on this thread, and my heart bleeds for many of you who are looking to receive checks in amounts way larger than is possible unless you invest thousands of dollars. There is no such thing as money from the sky! Please know that there are work at home opportunities on the internet where you can earn a little extra money. For one thing, you can write articles for companies like Textbroker or BlogMutt, or you can do other things. You have to be careful though, and remember that if any opportunity asks for money in order to get involved and earn money--DON'T DO IT. Genuine opportunities do not charge to get involved.

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