Here's What Facebook's No. 1 Fan Is Doing Now

Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), the social media giant that put the "F" in "FANG stocks," has suddenly found itself in free fall.

Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that broke this weekend, FB has dropped a stomach-turning 12%. In fact, it might be the least popular stock on Wall Street right now.

Facebook plays host to nearly $500 billion in wealth held by millions of shareholders, to say nothing of its 2 billion users. Like it or not, it has become a pillar of modern American society.

Naturally, every investor needs to know what's coming next... and what to do about it.

Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton, Jr., appeared on national television this morning to give his answer to that very question, as well as how to reap the greatest returns possible from the tech giant.

D.R. has made his fortune identifying stock "bottoms," so when he tells us where he's buying, we listen...


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